Boardies and Wettys

Boardies and Wettys

From a surfer's perspective, a kiteboarder wearing boardshorts overtop of a wetsuit seems really goofy. As a kiteboarder, it still seems goofy, but with a small dash of function: boardies protect the seat of our wetty from getting ripped. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it ;-)

Hanging out after kiteboardingAs a surfer, I'm not usually hanging out on the beach in my wetsuit afterward. When I'm done surfing, I change out of my suit right away, then chill with friends in the lot or on the beach. Plus, we usually have plenty of time to talk, out in the line-up, while waiting for waves. The social aspect of surfing is much tighter, out on the water.

As a kiteboarder, however, it's a bit different. There's no down-time for us, out on the water, waiting for waves. As soon as we launch a kite, it's go-time - the whole time. Sure, we hoot each other on and throw tricks as we pass each other, but it's different. Kiteboarding is much more individual. There's no "pack" of kiteboarders hanging out together in the line-up.

To get to my point, I've noticed that as a kiteboarder I spend a lot more time hanging out in my wetsuit on the beach after a session, or in between sessions. I'm sitting on the rocks, on the pier or boardwalk and hanging out more. As a result, the seat of my wetsuit gets a bit shredded and worn.

So to sum it all up, we're not really just a bunch of insecure, kiteboard kooks wearing boardshorts over our wetsuits for no good reason. We're really all about preserving the lifespan of our wetsuits. Thus reducing our overall consumption of neoprene products, and in turn, reducing our carbon footprints. Oh, yeah - we're backing this dorky tendency with good ol'eco-friendliness. Cheers from the kook squad!

Rider: Aaron
Age: 42
Weight: 185lbs.
Years riding: 12
Preferred gear: 2013 Cabrinha Switchblades & Custom 140cm