How to do a Backroll

So you want to learn how to do a back roll? You've come to the right place. The past few years, we've done loads of videos on all the different variations. From your first back roll, kiteloops back rolls, unhooked back rolls, to hand drag back rolls. We even have back roll transitions and grab variations.

Rather than break everything down on this page, we'll link in our favorite videos from our shop riders. Each video is linked to a written guide if you want to learn more. Our current videos will also include a downloadable PDF for your phone to review on the beach. Click the i icon in the upper right hand corner of the YouTube video to open the free guide and PDF file.

We'll cover 5 variations of the back roll for you:

  1. Basic Back Roll Progressions
  2. Unhooked Back Roll
  3. Back Roll Tail Grab
  4. Kiteloop Back Roll
  5. Kiteloop Back Roll Hand Drag Nose Grab

Stand by and we'll update this page as our team makes more tutorial videos!

1. The Basic Back Roll

This is an older video but it covers the basic variations of the hooked in back roll up to inverted back rolls and even back roll hand drags. If you're just getting started, this is the video for you.

2. The Unhooked Back Roll

In this video we break down a fun powered version of the back roll. Don't let the word "powered" fool you. This is still a beginner level trick! Once you have the hooked in variation dialed, give this one a go and double down on your bag of tricks.

3. The Back Roll Tail Grab

This is a fun and easy variation of the hooked in back roll. Adding grabs will demonstrate control and will for sure get you some cheers from people watching on the beach.

4. Back Roll Kite Loops

Kite loops are the defining factor of our sport. They are also the most exciting skill to learn, for both the rider and people watching on the beach. Add some power to your back rolls with this variation.

5. Kiteloop Backroll Hand Drag Nose Grab

This is the most advanced version on our list! Give this one a try after you have mastered the other variations on this list.

That's it for now! Check back later as we add more variations to this page.

Ryan (Rygo) Goloversic

Many people dream of quitting their job, traveling the world and pursuing their passions. Rygo is one of those people who pulled the trigger. A few years into a postal career, he decided to change everything and travel as a kiteboarder, freelance videographer & writer. His mission is to help people and share the stoke. Get out there and kite!


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