Gear Checklist

Kiteboarding Tips #1 & #2

Tip #1 - How to Earn Free Kiteboarding Gear

Are you a kiteboarding junkie? Spend too much time reading articles and writing on the forum while dying to get that new kite or board?
kiteboarding and extreme moves Here at MACkite we feel for you. In fact, we want to help you with your problem. Submit kiteboarding tips, rider profiles, or a great story and we will give you a $25 Gift Certificate if we use the article in our newsletter or on our website. We ask that your tips, profiles or stories are between 50-400 words, and pictures are always a great addition. Please, if you do rider profiles don't do them on yourself. Sorry, we can't guarantee we will use every article submitted.
Looking forward to the many fun and interesting tips and stories. Please send them to .

Tip #2 - Make a Gear Checklist

brand new kiteboards- you know you want 'em This is one of my favorite tips for newer riders. Anyone who has kiteboarded for a while can give you a story of the day they forgot their pump or harness or something that ended (before even starting) a great day on the water. In fact, I have lent gear to many local riders who have encountered such situations.
Take a little time before the season starts to get your gear up to date and make a checklist prior to heading out. Nothing is more frustrating than to try to put your foot in a footstrap that is too small while you already have your kite in the air. (Yes, I have tried that trick twice now.)

Gear Checklist

1. Do you have your

    Kite   Bar   Pump
    Safety System   Harness   Board
    Life Jacket   Wetsuit   Booties
    Gloves   Water   Sunblock
    Rash Guard   Food   Helmet


2.   Are your lines in good shape?
3.   Are your bladders holding air?
4.   Are your straps (w/ or w/out booties) set up correctly?
5.   Do you have all of your kites with you?
6.   Is your kite buddy with you?
7.   Does someone know where and when you are riding?

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