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Kiteboarding FAQs: Pulling a Kayak with a Trainer Kite


Question: I plan on learning kiteboarding next spring. Before I take lessons I will learn to wakeboard with my friend on his boat and I want to practice my kite skills with a kitesurfing trainer kite.

I spend a fair amount of time on the lake in the summer and would also like to be able to pull my kayak with a trainer.

What are your recommendations?

Answer: HQ Rush Pro 350 Trainer kite Great call with the trainer. You will learn much faster and actually save some money on lesson time. I recommend you spend a good 6-10 hours of flying prior to lessons.

Check out our using a trainer page. This will be super helpful.

I would suggest you go with a trainer 3 meters or larger. I am a really big fan of the Rush Pro 350 for the money. But it sounds like you may want to play with it in the water and that is where a Hydra will shine since you can water re-launch the kite.

Either the Hydra 300 or Hydra 350 will work for you. The Hydra 350 has about 25% more pull. If you weigh more than 160lbs I would steer you toward the larger kite for the extra power. Check out our Hydra water relaunchable trainer kites.

In 12-15mph a trainer kite will pull you in a kayak. Not ripping fast, but moving along.

HQ Hydra water kite If you have a rudder on your kayak you can actually tack a little bit. Not upwind like a sailboat, but holding a bit of a line not directly downwind.

You might get plucked out a few times while learning and in stronger winds, so you will have to play with it a bit.

Or you can just body drag through the water at a really nice clip if you are aggressive while flying your Hydra trainer kite.

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