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GoFoil NL Series Front Wing

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  • GoFoil NL Series Front Wing
  • Gofoil NL series
  • Gofoil NL series
  • Gofoil NL series
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GoFoil NL Series Front wing

Part of the new High-Aspect series, the NL or Next Level is built for high performance.  Ideal for advanced surf/sup riding and all levels or wing foiling, these take efficiency and top speeds to the next level.  They are ready for all that you can throw at them and respond with precision.

These wings feature the new 1.5 series construction with shiny finish for lighter weight and more streamlined glide.  This new series is compatible with all Gofoil Mast/Fuselages and should not require much fitment like A-la-carte wings had in the past.

For maximum top speed, we recommend using the pedestal and high aspect 18", 17.5", 14.5", or 12.5" stabilizers.  If more slow speed stability is your goal, then pair it with as Maliko stabilizer.


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3 Reviews

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    Fast and stable

    Posted by Clark Bockelman on 25th Jul 2022

    So far so good, it has filled a hole in my quiver. I was looking for a nice wing to try and pump for dock starts, but this isn't the wing for my size (190lbs.) It will pump well and glide really fast once you're up and moving, and I have pumped it longer and farther than the Maliko 200, but it will be great for winging. It wants to ride waves fast, and will lift on 1.5' waves for me. Haven't ridden it winging, so not sure about take off, but I know once I'm up it will glide between lulls in the wind, and ride very fast when its steady.

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    Posted by Bohdan Schatschneider on 7th Jun 2021

    I had a GL210 before this NL160 for SUP foiling and wing surfing (5'8" x 28" x 105 L board, flat stab with 9.5 pedestal, and I'm 180 lbs). I was looking for more speed, turnability, and control on steep wave drops and on faster, larger waves. After about a month on the NL160 (~1270 cm^2) I can report that the wing is definitely faster than the GL210 (~1490 cm^2), but has much less lift at slow speeds (to be expected). Once past the stall speed, the NL160 tends to turn better (even when poking a tip out) than the GL210 and can keep up with fast moving swell much easier (no need to pump for speed). The NL160 tends to be more stable through turbulence and whitewater (it really mutes it out). I'm not a master at connecting waves yet, but I've been able to pump back out to the wave behind the one I am on consistently on the NL160 compared to stalling out consistently on the GL210 (this could be because I'm just getting better at it, or there may be some advantage to how the 160 works, not sure). In the end, the GL210 has its place for small days and light wind (below 10 knots), but as soon as the waves or wind are enough to overcome the stall speed of the NL160, that's the foil I prefer to be on. I imagine with enough practice, one could easily overcome the stall speed of the 160 and use it in any condition, I'm just not there yet. Hope this helps.

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    NL190, NL130

    Posted by Amer on 16th Dec 2020

    My new favorite foils for Winging and SUP foiling. For the past year I've been loving the GL180 until the NL came out. Both are great, but the NL is faster and gives you the freedom of controlling the lift better. The GL180 has an earlier lift off speed compared to the NL190. However the NL190 is faster, has great control going through white water and handles bigger waves. I found myself slicing through white water with no worries at max speed. When on the wave the NL190 is more lively with more control. On the steep faces I could bring the foil deeper in the water to keep surfing with less front foot pressure. I breached the foil while surfing and with the speed of the NL quickly recovered in overhead waves. It's like a sharp knife. Never with the GL180 and that's not a fun fall. They both pump back out to the next wave well. The same is true for the NL130 and it's really fast. The NL130 needs stronger winds and loves big waves. This is my 25+mph setup or just those speed winging days. You won't gone wrong with either the NL or GL, they both offer fantastic glide, but if you're ready for more in the surf, get the NL. Thanks always to MACkite for the best service. The crew is the Amazing!

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