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Gen2 Foil Drive Assist MAX / Project Cedrus Integrated Mast

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  • Gen2 Foil Drive Assist MAX / Project Cedrus Integrated Mast
  • Gen2 Foil Drive Assist MAX / Project Cedrus Integrated Mast
  • Gen2 Foil Drive Assist MAX / Project Cedrus Integrated Mast
  • Gen2 Foil Drive Assist MAX / Project Cedrus Integrated Mast

Expected release date is 7th Oct 2024



Gen2 Foil Drive Assist MAX / Project Cedrus Integrated Mast

The Foil Drive Assist MAX x Project Cedrus Integrated Mast offers riders a super clean, versatile and adaptable electric assisted foiling setup capable of being used for many different foiling disciplines with a range of different foil brands.

With new Gen2 compatible custom mast top plates, you can now bolt your Project Cedrus Mast to your Assist Slim or Assist MAX for the ultimate one-piece electric assist, multi-brand foil mast!

Simply select the motor height you wish to have you motor built in at and if you need a Project Cedrus Foil Adaptor.

What's Included:

  • Foil Drive Assist MAX
  • Chosen MAX Battery
  • Project Cedrus Integrated Mast
  • Optional Project Cedrus Foil Adaptor

Compatible With:

  • Assist MAX x Project Cedrus

Gen2 Foil Drive Assist Max

The Foil Drive Assist MAX is the flagship model, for the ultimate in hybrid electric assist foiling. As the name suggests, the Assist MAX offers the maximum thrust, run time and versatility!

The kit includes everything you need to turn your existing foil and board into an electric assisted foiling machine.

The Foil Drive Assist MAX is perfectly suited to those looking for extra thrust for heavier riders or smaller boards and foils, longer ride times and ultimate flexibility of how you choose to foil. Surf, Wing, Downwind, Wake and Flatwater, the Assist MAX does it all!

 Gen2 Foil Drive Assist Max

Install on any Foil Board and Mast

Gen2 Foil Drive Systems mount between your mast plate and the board. Because foil mast tracks are universal, this means it fits any board! Simply use the provided locking T nuts and longer mast bolts. Sandwich your Gen2 Foil Drive between your gear for optimal weight distribution and a clean board top surface.

 Gen2 Foil Drive Assist Max

Tech Specs

Maximum Thrust: 27.5kg (60.6lbs) with Three Blade Alloy Props
Weight Range: 3.4 - 4.5kg (7.4-9.9lbs) depending on battery
Dimensions: L415 x W250 x H50mm

Operating Voltage: 40V
Runtime (Generalised): 40min-4hrs depending on use case, battery and other variables.
Recharge Time: Appx. 2-3.5hrs (Power Battery)
Batteries: IP68 rated dust and water resistant.

Simply choose your desired:

  • MAX Battery
  • Gen2 Motor
  • Mast Adaptor to suit your exact foil mast of choice.

Battery Options

MAX Power Battery

The largest MAX battery offering the longest run time with high power performance. This battery must be used with the Assist MAX, Nose Cone A.

Volts: 40V
Energy: 498.69Wh

MAX Sport Battery (Available early 2024)

The smaller, lighter MAX battery, with a reduce weight and runtime. This battery must be used with the Assist MAX, Nose Cone B.

Volts: 40V
Energy: 332.64Wh

 Gen2 Foil Drive Assist Max battery options

Removable Motors

With three simple screws, the motor plug can be removed, allowing the rider to change their cable length and, therefore, the motor mounting position, depending on the use case.

 Gen2 Foil Drive Assist Max motor

With options to use your own foil mast or a fully integrated one, there are more ways to tune your setup than ever!

 Gen2 Foil Drive Assist Max motor options

V2 Pod Mast Adaptors

The motor pod is a two-part attachment which is clamped around your mast. When ordering your Foil Drive system, you will need to select which motor pod is compatible with your mast. The pods have been designed to fit each brand and variation of mast perfectly. It is imperative that you choose the correct motor pod for your mast specification, not just the same brand.
Note: Many foil brands change their mast design from year to year to improve strength or reduce drag. If you purchased your mast some time ago and you are unsure, please check with us.

 Gen2 Foil Drive Assist Max pod adapters

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    FD with Cedrus

    Posted by Matt on 2nd Mar 2024

    This is awesome. I have the Cedrus integrated mast at 20cm. I use it with a Naish hover ascend (surf) 5'4". At 215 lbs plus 5/4 wetsuit and wake jacket. I have used both with the armstrong fuselage and the Axis adapter. Both are great. Be sure you crank down the cedrus bolts tight (adapter and fuselage). I am able to get up on flat water at 70% throttle with a pump foil. I have been able to get up to 20-30 seconds of pumping when it would be really hard to practice otherwise (I was not making much progress at dock starts). This is a great investment to learn to pump. Sometimes I wish that I had gotten the 25cm mast for chop, but overall the 20cm mast is great and the box gives you ~ 4-5 cm of standoff from board. . Can't wait until the wake boats are back out again and I can thief. Ocean an hour plus away but stoked for real waves too. I think I will be able to dock start by spring. Really thankful for this product as was always looking for people to go out on the ski with before. Now I just go.

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