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Tip #18 – Lost and Found

If the wind dies, or you lose your board, have a back up plan Here is a Tip from a MACkiteboarding customer from Ohio:

Make sure you have your name and telephone # on your board.

A couple of weeks ago I was riding on the Atlantic side off of Nags Head, NC. Sadly I got separated from my board in some dicey conditions with a side off wind. During my lonely 3/4 mile body drag back to shore without the board,Put your name and contact info on your board I remembered that I had left the MACkiteboarding sticker with Steve's name and "If found, please call" sticker on the board. I sent a heads up e-mail to Steve from the laptop that night. Only two days later Steve got a call about a board that had washed up 35 miles to the south at Pea Island. The sticker was brilliant. I'm thrilled to be reunited with my board.

Thanks for taking such good care of your riders!

Craig M. Vandervoort

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