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Eleveight Full Carbon Complete Wing Foil Package

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Eleveight Full Carbon Complete Wing Foil Package

What's Included:

  • 2023 WFS V3 Wing in size of your choice (3, 4, 5, 6m)
  • Delta Carbon M Frame (Full Carbon)
  • High Aspect Foil Wing in size of your choice (1450, 1740)
  • Evolve Wingboard in size of your choice (55L, 70L, 90L, 125L)

2023 Eleveight WFS Wing:

Sizes: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Easy handling and exceptional aerodynamics give an enhanced freeride performance in any condition.

  • One strut performance freeride wing suited to all riders
  • Design evolution with top materials tested the World over
  • Stiff and lightweight with easy drift and power generation
  • Rigid frame geometry for direct handling and direct power
  • CS Wing Bar for intuitive hand positioning and easy handling

The new evolution of the WFS is born through innovation that has mirrored the progression in wing sports. As riders are pushing the limits, their developing needs have shaped new possibilities in design. The WFS V3 echoes the rapidly changing demands for a freeride wing that’s unique in versatility and suited to all riding styles and levels.

For V3 we have made the WFS stiffer, harnessing more power and engineered it to drift a lot easier. Using our 20 years of proven experience, the WFS is aerodynamically engineered for efficiency and features top quality materials tested the world over.

The core feature is the CS Wing bar that gives intuitive hand positioning that limits fatigue and increases stability. V3 features a new EVA bar grip for added comfort, and the improved window placement will allow you to navigate with ease.

The new WFS has an improved outline and offers better aerodynamic efficiency. There is more lift in the centre section and the well balanced V-shape ensures the tips won’t touch the water nor drag you down. The whole construction is stable and extremely light allowing easy upwind ability and downwind drift. You can ride waves undisturbed with single or even freehand control for that ultimate surf feeling.

The WFS has an ultra-durable build quality and covers a tremendous wind range with exceptional low wind performance and ease of handling. Your expectations will be outperformed by the ultimate freeride capabilities of the WFS that will push the sport to the next level.

Delta Carbon M-Frame Foil:

High Aspect 1450 M-Frame Kit

Similar to the 1280 High Aspect but more area. Recommended for riders up to 180 lbs in weaker waves or lighter winging conditions.


Wing Area: 1450cm2

Wing Span: 100cm

Aspect Ratio: 6.9

High Aspect 1740 M-Frame Kit

Recommended for riders above 180 lbs, this is a large wing with a lot of glide. This wing will also be appreciated by lighter riders who want to make the most of light wing foiling conditions.


Wing Area: 1740cm2

Wing Span: 110cm

Evolve Wingboard:

Sizes: 55L / 70L / 90L / 125L

Compact and dedicated to wing foiling, the Evolve board maximises your session with an easy take-off then balance and stability once riding.

  • Dedicated board range for wing foilers
  • Compact shape for enhanced stability and volume distribution
  • Light Carbon CVC construction optimized for wing foiling
  • 2 x 4 track mount system for adjustable foil positioning
  • Durable block inserts for multiple foot strap options

Meet the Evolve range, our new compact board developed specifically for wing foiling with a wide range of volume choices suitable for all levels.

Available in 4 sizes, the short and wide platform is shaped to distribute the volume allowing for easy take-offs and offers a balanced board feel once on the foil. The 5.8 and 5.2 are the bigger sizes in the range suitable for beginners as well as heavier riders in need of a board with more volume. The construction is made for easy glide and planing with maximum stability. The more compact smaller sizes are optimized for intermediates giving a more dynamic and playful ride highly suited to wave and freeride conditions.

At the heart, the light EPS Core is surrounded by composite sandwich construction with a full carbon layer both top and bottom to ensure the Evolve is lightweight yet has maximum durability. Bevelled rails make touchdowns smoother, and narrowing them optimises your carving ability. The double concave shaped to a flat bottom offers soft landings as well as early planning, and the included full deck pad with tail kicker keeps your grip secure. The Evolve is fully adjustable to suit your riding stance with a 2 x 4 track mount system for easy foil position tweaks offering 90mm lateral spacing. Various foot strap options are also achievable via a double front foot strap.

Wing foilers of any level will enjoy the compact size and enhanced features of the Evolve that will take this new sport to the next level.

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