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Cloud IX Wake Thief Foil Package

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What’s included:

  • 30” Aluminum Mast and Base Plate
  • 27” Aluminum Fuselage
  • Carbon F42 front wing
  • Carbon F15 tail wing
  • M8 and M6 TORX screw hardware and wrenches
  • Maintenance Grease for hardware 
  • Wings, mast and fuselage covers

The Cloud IX F Series hydrofoil wing takes an innovative approach with a highly tapered outline and medium span, seeking to circumnavigate the disadvantages of high-aspect wings. The hydrofoil is entirely carbon from top to bottom, comes in five sizes, and has a beefy, zipped gear bag and premium anodized M8 hardware. The F Series has good flex management and predictability in steep banks, with impressive desire to bank, making it perfect for riders who want to stay in the pocket, ride slower, crumbly waves, and rip turns minus the risk of ultra high-speed foiling. Overall, the Cloud IX F Series hydrofoil is a good value proposition that will cater to the needs of those looking for a best-of-both-worlds hydrofoil.

Wake Thief Review

When we saw a foil that must have been inspired by Batman, we had to give it a try. Today, we're reviewing the F42 from Cloud9. The F42 is right in our sweet spot with just enough area to give us the low-speed lift for dock starting but still small enough to keep the drag low. This foil was fast and glided well. The wake transfers were tight and the foil felt rigid. The F42 was forgiving, intuitive, and easy to master. This was the first test I've ever completed in a single run without falling off. The front and rear wing pairing was perfectly balanced in pitch for intuitive pumping. It had to be pumped somewhat fast, which means it won't break a pumping duration record, but it could still be pumped for a long time. The F42 had solid low-speed lift with a high hit rate off the bungee but not quite perfect. Dock starting wasn't as easy as other foils, but it was possible to start with our launcher. The F42 from Cloud9 scored a 34 out of 50 or 68 percent. This is the second-highest score of the season. If you'd like to buy this foil, please find a link in the description and use the Wake Thief coupon code to save 50. We'll also send you a free hat. We make a small commission if you buy, but please feel free to purchase through your retailer of choice. This was a pleasant surprise. The F42 might be the most intuitive foil I've ever flown. For its price, it has exceptional value and thus is a product we can recommend for the lake.

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