Chinook PowerPlate Foil Box Adapter

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  • Chinook PowerPlate Foil Box Adapter
  • Chinook PowerPlate Foil Box Adapter - Deep Tuttle
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Chinook PowerPlate Foil Box Adapter

This unique product allows windsurfers to convert existing boards to be windfoil capable boards. The PowerPlate makes it simple to bolt any windsurf board with a Power, Tuttle or Deep Tuttle fin box style to the common 4-Hole plate pattern found on pedestal mount foils. Pedestal mounts can also be purchased separately for many AL foil brands (Slingshot, Progressive...). The over-sized plate area disperses the foils load over a large area of the bottom of a board. This minimizes fin box and hull stresses that windfoils place on non-foilbox windsurfing boards. It is a great way to make your windsurfing boards more versatile.


  • Choice of box type: Power, Tuttle or DT.
  • 2-pc Solid Aluminum construction.
  • Made in USA.
  • 6 mm threads on all box types (standard on modern boards).
  • 3/16" foam padding against bottom of board.
  • Requires Pedestal mount for foil attachment (not included).
  • Fore and Aft foil placement positions.
  • Includes 4 stainless mounting screws (for Pedestal attachment).
  • Supports large area around existing fin box.
  • Fore & Aft fine tuning can be done with the multiple mounting hole system,

* Forward = quicker lift, Backward = slower lift

User Instructions:

Be sure to use a Metric 6mm fin-bolt.
Be cautious not to cross-thread the fin-bolt.
Be sure to get a least 12 complete turns into the PowerPlate. (Max # of turns is 16 or 3/4"). You may need a longer screw.
Be certain to tighten the fin bolt hard enough to compress the foam. Check & tighten as needed.
If your board has a big V-bottom, add extra foam to outer plate edges to add lateral stiffness.
* Use a leash regardless of your foil/fin-box setup. Impact with a log or other or bottom - could cause your foil to sink.
Adjust the head or plate mounting bolts to your preferred fore/aft position.
Wing Forward=More lift.
Wing Rearward=Less lift (better learning)

The PowerPlate has a 12 month warranty against manufacturers' defects. This does not include damage from impact or loss/damage to your foil or board regardless of impact or not.

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3 Reviews

  • 1

    it moves

    Posted by Lidan Prisant on 7th Jan 2023

    it moves in Bedn's it makes Dinks on the board

  • 5

    Good solution

    Posted by Tomas Lic on 26th Apr 2021

    This worked great to add foil with plate to my old Mike's Lab race board. I am able to use it for winging now.

  • 3

    Is not really compatible as-is with Armstrong Foil

    Posted by Richard Genet on 27th Jul 2020

    This would have needed modification to be used with the Armstrong carbon foil.

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