Cabrinha 02 Macro Air Inflatable Wing Board - B Grade

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  • 2022 Cabrinha Macro Air Inflatable Wing Board
  • 2022 Cabrinha Macro Air Inflatable Wing Board
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2022 Cabrinha Macro Air Inflatable Wing Board

B-Grade: The B-Grade rating on this board is due to the fact that the foil boxes needed to be re-sealed and bolted. They've been factory tested and carry a full 1-year manufacturer warranty.


*Remember: inflatables carry more volume so beginners should purchase 25-40L larger than they would in a hard board for appropriate stability and low wind performance.
With a name like "Macro Air", you might be having flashbacks to some Johnny Tsunami method grabbing jumps over condescending ski bro's. Thankfully, this Macro Air is comming with less cringy energy for new wingers, world travelers, zero maintenance freaks, and micro home/apartment/van/boat dwellers.  The Cabrinha Macro Air takes a lot of the frustration and difficulty out of owning a foil board with compact storage/travel, light weight, bomb-proof durability, and impressive inflatable performance. Bonus braddas (insert shakka)... you can also use a single longboard fin in the center finbox for wing surfing.
Sizes: 4'7" X 24" X 4.8" - 80L / 5'3" X 28" X 4.8" - 110L / 5'9" X 32" X 4.8" - 140L / 6"4" X 35" X 4.8" - 170L


  • Synthesis Foil Mount to fuse top & bottom
  • Exceptionally lightweight design
  • Rapid airflow valve system for quick inflation and pack down
  • Tuff-Tex drop stitch construction
  • Strategic foil rocker for safe touch downs
  • Streamlined bottom carry handle
  • 3 or 2 strap insert configuration
  • Direct connect rear inserts for ultimate in response & control
  • Top and bottom centre laminate reinforcements
  • Double wall construction
  • Ultra compact pack down and travel
  • Industry standard 9cm adjustable foil mount with position indicators
  • Central fin box for optional foilless learning
  • High volume to size ratio

**Included with the board: m8 T nuts, full deck pad, repair kit, high pressure pump, carry bag (NOTE: straps sold separately).**





Utilising the highest grade of Drop Stitch technology along with an all over double skin extremity, the Macro Air is one of the most durable and stiffest boards on the market.

By fusing the top and bottom skins of the board together through the Synthesis Foil Mount, we eliminated any play and movement normally found with standard drop stitch constructions, and have created the most responsive and highest performing foil board in the inflatable market.

Strategically placed reinforcements strips on the deck and base add further strength and stiffness to the board, while also helping define and lock in the Foil Rocker.





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3 Reviews

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    Great for learning & air travel

    Posted by H. Deve on 24th Dec 2023

    Full disclosure: I am learning and I have not used any other board. I have the 5'9, 140 L. I was able to get and stay on foil in about 4-5 sessions. I weight 160 Lbs. It felt stable and gets on foil easily when the wing is powered. I have a slingshot infinity 84. Overall great wing-foil board for learning, progressing & traveling. I was not worried about dinging the board or getting hurt during the learning process. Easy to control and to keep upwind in the lulls when not on foil . I am now reliably staying on foil and working on transitions and jybes. The hard plate under the feet gives good control of the foil. Maybe the only downside is that it does not pack as compactly as other inflatables. I have taken it on 3 trips in a 5'2 board bag with 2 wings and one foil. No issues with the airline and no damage!

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    Great start!

    Posted by Brian Baarman on 5th Dec 2023

    MACkiteboarding set me up on a 170L Cabrinha Macro Air inflatable with a Fusion X-series 1950 foil and a 7M Wing. I weigh 200lbs. Because of this, I stood on the board and was sailing around on my 1st session. By session 4, I was breaking free of the water and flying short distances. In session 7, last week, I flew 2-300 feet at a time with semi-controlled drops back in. Although I feel like it's been really fun every time I've gone, it seems hard to get that big board to break free of the water. I feel the downside to this big board is that it takes so much power to break free of the water. When you do, it takes off crazy fast.

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    No more uncertainty about inflatables

    Posted by Greg Benning on 14th Jul 2023

    Just received the 110 liter version of this board two days ago and took it out for a quick spin this morning. After only four miles on this board I can already say it is wonderful. I was really hesitant to buy an inflatable because of concerns about performance. In particular the ability to unstick the board from the water to get it up on foil. Ideally I wanted to test out an inflatable before purchasing one. That didn’t happen, so today was my first experience. Some notes about areas I had concerns before purchasing: - Hassle of having to inflate the board:It took 45 strokes with the included pump to reach the recommended pressure of 15 psi. So it only added two minutes to my set up time. - concern about foil screws extending through track nuts and damaging the board: the screws I use for my hard board were a tad too short since the track is the inflatable is a little deeper. Luckily the Macro Air came with t-nuts and screws that fit perfectly. I also bought the Wizard Hat hardware as a Plan B. That will work too but is not needed. -Performance on the water: no problem at all getting on foil even in light winds. I honestly didn’t notice a difference vs my hard board that is 6’6” and 127 liters. I didn’t feel any flex in the board at all. That may be due to the foil plate that extends all the way from the top to the bottom of the board where my back foot is positioned. TLDR summary: Board is great and I’m really happy I bought it even after being concerned about inflatable boards.

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