2022 Manera HALO Harness - Black

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  • 2022 Manera HALO Harness - Black
  • 2022 Manera HALO Harness - Black
  • 2022 Manera HALO Harness - Black
  • 2022 Manera HALO Harness - Spreader Bar and Hook Knife included
  • Manera Halo Harness Size Chart
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2022 Manera HALO Harness2022 Manera HALO Harness - Black

**Harness includes Arc Spreader Bar & kite hook knife**

A New Generation of Harnesses

Imagine a harness featuring the best of both hardshells and softshells.
A harness that would be unbreakable as every part of it is interchangeable.
A harness 10% lighter than Manera's lightest model.
A harness with a size chart that fits any body shape (new S+ and M+ sizes)
A harness that features a groundbreaking spreader bar.
Imagine that this new product will even include a kite knife.
Manera has created what they believe to be the most advanced harness on the market.

 Is the Manera Halo the future of kite surfing harnesses? We think so. It's modular, serviceable, and combines the benefits of hard shell and soft harnesses into one supportive, flexible, and comfortable kiteboarding harness. In this video we discuss the construction and benefits of this unique and forward thinking design.


Adaptive Skin

Adaptive Shell

A few years ago, Manera started the "adaptive shell" project. The goal was to reinvent the kite harness. This patented technology is characterized by two main functions:

Adaptive Skin
A backing strip made out of flexible material that allows maximum adaptability and freedom of movement to the user.
It is directly in contact with the body, and its function is to provide comfort to the user.

A rigid arch preventing the harness from folding due to the kite's high loads, and therefore squeezing the user's sides.
It is not in contact with the user. Its function is to sustain all the mechanical forces that the harness endures.

Assembling the adaptive skin and the hard shell together results in the best harness Manera has ever made. It perfectly adapts to your morphology and to your movements, while offering an unmatched support thanks to an innovative loads management.

 Adaptive Shell


A product is as durable as the least durable of its parts.

In order to reduce their carbon footprint and offer a better service to their customers, Manera assembled the HALO in different parts that are not stitched or glued, therefore they are easily replaceable.

Manera will stock spare parts and will be able to replace any part in case of a manufacturing defect. They will also offer the spare parts for sale if a customer just wants to change.


Manera's extensive experience in harness manufacturing allowed them to develop the HALO sizing just right. In order to offer the best experience to all their customers, they have added two sizes: S+ and M+. These two new sizes are the exact same harnesses as the standard S and M, except they are equipped with a longer spreader bar.


The body can take two different shapes:
- A rounder shape (someone with a big belly)
- A more oval shape (someone with larger hips)

For the same waist girth, we can then have two completely different morphologies. By integrating a longer spreader bar, the S+ and M+ harnesses are made for people with larger hips.

 2022 Manera HALO Harness specs

Clip SystemArc Spreader Bar

Clip System
The ARC easy-to-clip system is locked once tightened, which provides a precise and smooth riding without improper movements.

SST CoreSST Core
The ARC is built with a robust Stainless-Steel core that is able to withstand 800kg loads, which is much higher than the standard kite requirements.

Tuckflap 2.0Tuckflap 2.0
Once inserted and locked into the harness, not only do they prevent the harness from going up, but they also have an anti-compression function, preventing the loads of the kite to squeeze the harness around your hips.

Hook / SlidingHook / Sliding
The ARC is easily convertible between standard hook and a sliding rope.


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