2021 Duotone Whip SLS Kite-Surfboard

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  • 2021 Duotone Whip SLS Kite-Surfboard
  • 2021 Duotone Whip SLS Kite-Surfboard
  • 2021 Duotone Whip SLS Kite-Surfboard
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2021 Duotone Whip SLS Kite-Surfboard

 2021 Duotone Whip SLS Kite-Surfboard


4'9" x 17 1/4" x 1 2 9/32" - 16.9 L
4'11" x 17 3/4" x 2"
5'1" x 18 1/4" x 2 1/8"
5'3" x 18 3/4" x 2 1/4"
5'5" x 19 1/4" x 2 3/8"


The Whip SLS’s compact shape seamlessly satisfies the needs of strapless freestyle pros and seasoned surfers. The Whip SLS is an extremely well-balanced board with incredible handling thanks to the straight outline, but still provides explosive snap off the top and possesses the ability to turn tight in the pocket of very steep sections without any catching or awkwardness of other compact shapes.


  • Grom Size
  • Innegra Shield


  • High performance small wave / freestyle board
  • Snappy top turns
  • Incredible speed generation


  • Innegra Shield
  • Cork Shock Absorber 2.0
  • Carbon Beam

 Innegra Shield


The innovative Innegra Shield vastly increases durability and impact resistance, making the SLS boards significantly more resilient against cracks, dings and heel dents. Weight is reduced by replacing fiberglass with lightweight Innegra fiber. The impressive damping properties of Innegra reduce resonance, ensuring a smooth ride even in the choppiest conditions.

Traditional polyurethane foam surfboards have very low frequency vibration and excellent damping properties, but very slow reflex, resulting in a loss of energy and "spring" through turns. EPS foam/epoxy boards on the other hand have excellent reflex and spring, but often feel very harsh due to their high frequency vibration. Our Innegra shield has the quick reflex and spring of an epoxy board with the low frequency vibrational damping of PU, combining the highest level of performance with the smoothest ride possible.

  • Innegra shield boards are up to 100 g lighter, yet more durable and more dent resistant
  • PU foam boards offer excellent damping, but lack the quick reflex of EPS/epoxy.
  • EPS/epoxy boards have the quickest and most explosive reflex, but feel too harsh.
  • Innegra shield combines the quick reflex of EPS/ epoxy with the excellent damping and comfort of PU.


Strong, Light, Superior

Addicted to Progression and Innovation

What Duotone has to say about SLS

This season we're taking our innovative drive to higher grounds; we proudly introduce SLS - Strong Light Superior. Since 2001, we have made it our mission to make the best kiteboarding equipment to guarantee that every single one of your sessions is the best. We created many groundbreaking innovations like the Click Bar, Textreme Technologies and Trinity TX. Now it's the time for SLS.

Whenever you see the SLS logo on a product, you'll know, we put it there for a reason. SLS products are equipped with the newest, most innovative and simply best materials available for kiteboarding. This is the gear we want to ride, tuned to the millimeter over countless hours. Just so that we are 100% satisfied, to know that we're offering the greatest experience you could ever have with your gear. This is our magic collection which makes us smile just thinking about it and leaves butterflies in our stomachs, even after we've packed up and headed home for the day.



We are Ken, Kite Designer. We are Elsa, Product Manager. We are Patrick, Marketing Manager. We are the designer agonizing over the drawing table. We are the manufacturer checking specs. We are the shaper glassing into the night. We have always strived to create the best gear for the most riders.

But when we're not working, we're playing. And sometimes we want to build gear just for us. When we're on the water we don't care about excel lists, market analysis, or productivity levels. On the water the only metric is performance. We want the absolute best kite gear that technology, materials, and design can produce. Bar none.

If you are like us: always pushing yourself and your gear to the edge, pushing past that point, redefining what is possible and still demanding more; more from yourself and more from your gear: If you are one of us, we have something to show you:

This is SLS.

SLS is more than Strong. SLS is more than Light. SLS is more than Superior.

SLS marks a change in thinking. Forget case studies and hitting price points. Stop measuring what the masses want. Design something for those who will sacrifice nothing for the ultimate performance.

SLS is truly the apex of what is possible today. Using materials both stronger and lighter than those previously available, we are proud that any product bearing the SLS monogram truly is superior to anything else available.

SLS is not about creating the most accessible gear, maximizing sales or creating turnover. SLS is about creating the dream gear for those who, like us, appreciate gear that enables them to redefine what they are capable of.

We are Duotone. We work. We play. Hard. SLS defines the point at which those two drives meet. Where expectations of what is possible are met by what we can achieve. SLS is where your dreams meet our reality.


SLS represents another dimension of innovation, product design and quality. A concept focused on the newest, most innovative materials, our SLS products are the pinnacle of visionary constructed solutions and performance driven engineering in kiteboarding.

 Duotone SLS Kite-Surfboard

 2021 Duotone Whip SLS Kite-Surfboard

 2021 Duotone Whip SLS Kite-Surfboard

 2021 Duotone Whip SLS Kite-Surfboard

 2021 Duotone Whip SLS Kite-Surfboard

 2021 Duotone Whip SLS Kite-Surfboard

 2021 Duotone Whip SLS Kite-Surfboard

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