2019 Mystic Long Leash - Mint

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2019 Mystic Long Leash

Mint Theme

Do away with that old, drab leash dragging morosely behind you in the water as you are out there doing one of the coolest sports imaginable - kiteboarding! I mean, people spend their entire lives bucket-listing this sport for goodness sakes! Everything about your set-up is infused with color and individuality, eye-catchingly bold graphics emblazoned upon your kite, board, and in some cases harness and wetsuit. The Mystic Leash is another opportunity to make your equipment uniquely "you". Furthermore, the fact that the leash was crafted with a thoughtful and durable design to make it one of the safest leashes on the market makes this a must-buy. 


  • - 110cm length (un-stretched)
  • - Soft touch, lightweight material
  • - Compact carabiner
  • - Neoprene carabiner cover
  • - Designed for freeride / allround performance
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