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Waterwear Tops

Half the battle is getting an appropriately thick wetsuit that will keep you plenty warm. The second half is making sure to get the right wetsuit accessories to keep you comfortable on those cold, blustery days. Having gloves, boots, and headwear is essential to staying warm, preventing the heat retained from your insulating wetsuit from escaping through your head and extremities. Anybody who has forgotten their booties or gloves on a cold day can attest to how that can significantly shorten a session.

Waterwear Top

Are you one of those people that, no matter how hard you try, you always end up having your shoulders and arms tan before your legs? And, instead of looking evenly tanned, you look like two severed bodies stuck together? Our solution: Enjoy the waters with a waterwear top, and you’ll be looking like a tanned god (or goddess) by the end of your summer. If you’re finding just a little chill as you soar past the water, you can warm up your torso without having to deal with not being flexible with your legs. Up your tanning game without having to put in the extra effort.