Kiteboarding: Front Roll Nuke Grab - Ride with Blake: Jump with Style Playlist EP 03

Kiteboarding: Front Roll Nuke Grab - Ride with Blake: Jump with Style Playlist EP 03

Front Roll Nuke

The nuke grab is considered one of the most advanced grabs but if you watched our last video, you know there is a trick that makes it easy to do, You’re probably thinking, that the front roll nuke must also be a difficult trick. While it is an advanced trick, it’s surprisingly easy to do. Blake was actually doing these before he was landing the standard nuke grab!

The reason is because of the way he was rotating his front rolls. By doing an off-axis roll and throwing his head and shoulder back he was in the perfect position to add this grab.

This is our third video in the How to Jump with Style playlist. It’s one of our more advanced videos in the list but it’s something we think you could learn in a handful of sessions with focused practice.

We recommend you download the attached PDF on your phone. Check it before your next session! 

We built this video in steps but for this trick, it’s a good idea to practice each step for at least 3 sessions each. There are 4 steps in this video so if you know how to jump, you could master this trick in 12 sessions or much less if you already know some of the steps!

The Nuke Grab is one of the Most Stylish Kiteboarding Grabs

Step One - Master the Nuke Grab

Learn the Nuke Grab. We’ve done a whole  video breaking this down but I’ll give a recap in this blog. The Nuke grab is grabbing the nose of your kiteboard with your back hand. The trick to nailing this is to turn your back to the kite. This is called a shifty. You shift your back to your direction of travel.

Now bring your front knee into your chest and poke your back leg. In this position, it should be easy to reach the nose with your back hand. If you can’t make it quite yet, grab wherever you can. Between your feet on the toeside edge will be easiest. This is an indy grab. Work your way up every attempt and eventually, you will get it.

You can do this with a sent jump or with the kite parked at a 45 degree angle and a powerful pop. Your call! Remember, this  playlist is about style so if you do send the kite, pull on your front hand to bring the kite forward after take off to make the trick look more critical.

The Off-Axis Front Roll

Step Two - Practice the Off-Axis Front Roll

In kiteboarding, there are many ways to do the same trick. For this trick, we recommend learning the Off-Axis front roll. Not only is it the easiest roll, it’s going to make the grab easier and it looks awesome when you bring it all together.

We’ve done plenty of videos on front rolls now but this variation is different. Rather than tucking your head into your armpit and bringing your knee to your forehead, you’ll be throwing your head and your front shoulder back and into your direction of travel. You still need to bring your front knee into your chest.

This is easier than a traditional front roll as you wont feel like you’re rolling into your center lines. It’s also easier as you’ll be rotating underneath your bar and your vision is less restricted. In fact, this is one of my favorite tricks when I’m overpowered because it feels safe, it looks good and it’s easy to stay in control.

If this is your first attempt with front rolls, remember to keep looking over your back shoulder and to swing your hip in the same direction. Bring that front knee into your chest and poke your back leg out. More importantly, keep pulling on your front hand. Not only because that's one of our style tips but its easy to over send the kite and fall out of the sky on front rolls. Pulling on your front hand will correct this and pull you through the roll.

Practice any Kiteboarding Grab

Step Three - Add any Grab to the Off-Axis Front Roll

For this step we recommend adding any grab to the front roll. Ideally backhand grabs as they will prepare you for the trick. The easiest grabs will be on your heelside edge so it’s okay to start there. This will get you used to rotating with only one hand on the bar and will help build body awareness in the air.

As you progress into your second or third session with this step, try some toeside edge grabs. The same as when you were learning the nuke grab. Start between your feet and work your way up towards the nose. Make sure you really pull that front knee to your chest as you reach for the toeside edge. It’s going to be really hard to get any grab if you don’t. You may as well get into the habit of poking your back leg out too. No matter what grab you’re doing with the roll, pulling your front leg in and poking your back leg are going to make the trick look masterful.

Don’t stress too much about getting the nuke on this step or any of the first three sessions you practice grabs with the roll. Just make sure, you are progressing to the toeside edge and working your way closer to the nose every time. You’ll be surprised how much easier this gets every session as you build the muscle memory.

The Front Roll Nuke Grab

Step Four - Bring it all together.

If you put the work in and practiced each step for a minimum of three sessions it’s time to go for it. Now, the real trick his is getting that front knee is close to your chest as possible. Make this step a continuation of step three and keep working your way closer to the nose. Everyone learns at a different pace so don’t stress to much. It took me about four sessions to make the actual nuke grab paired with a front roll. You might learn faster, you might need a couple more sessions.

Remember, this playlist is about adding style and power to your riding. So once you get the grab really start tweaking it out and be sure to pull hard on your front hand. In the air and once more as you land. Land flat riding downwind and get stoked. You just learned one of the most advanced and stylish freeride tricks. Some tricks take more time and focus than others. This is one that is worth the work and nothing can beat the sense of satisfaction you’ll feel when you finally learn it.  


-Written and produced by Blake Olsen & Ryan (Rygo) Goloversic.

Blake Olsen

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