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Tucker's Warehouse Special

2014 Cabrinha Siren 4m - $549 Kite-Only!

2014 Cabrinha Siren Kiteboarding Kite

For 2015, we're excited to offer our new "Tucker's Warehouse Special" section. If you think of our site like a treasure map with all sorts of buried wonders, with this section we not only drop you straight on an "x", but dig up the treasure, package it up really nicely, and ship it right to your front door (or side or back or place of business depending on your shipping preferences).

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re offering 2014 Cabrinha Siren 4 meters for $549, kite-only. In need of a control bar? No problem – you can add a 2014 Siren adjustable bar for only $300 additional! Forgo the box of chocolates this year, and give your significant other something they’ll really cherish. Plus, it’s sure to mean more time on the water for you.

If a pink kite isn’t your thing, we also have 2014 Cabrinha Vector 3.5 and 5 meters available, starting at $499

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Latest Kiteboarding Video

Cabrinha FX - Coming March 1

The new FX freestyle crossover kite from Cabrinha is coming soon. In anticipation of it going live on March 1, 2015, here's an action-packed snippet to tide you over. So excited you need to talk with someone about it? Give us a call at 800-622-4655 for our first impressions.

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Latest Article

Winter Escape to La Ventana

by Ryan Goloversic, MACkite Employee Extraordinaire

Beach in Baja

The cool water splashes my face as I land my latest trick. I look to my right to catch the last rays of the sun shining brilliantly over endless rolling mountains. It's about time to call it a day and make my way to the bar for a few of my old favorite drinks with a few new friends. The whole time all I can think to myself is it really doesn't get much better than this!

Lets take this back a few weeks and start from the top.

December can be a trying time for most of us in the northern hemisphere; when the weather takes a turn for the worst and we lose a few hours of light, making it the optimal time to trade in that winter jacket for a pair of boardshorts and a strong drink. Being kiters, we have the advantage of straying from the beaten path, at least more so than your average tourist looking for a margarita and a sunset. When the time came to decide on my next destination, Mexico was near the top of the list, and the windy season just happened to be kicking off there.

Read more about Ryan's adventure...

Snow Kite Lessons with MACkite

Kiteboarding Lessons

With winter now well-established, we’re ecstatic to be kicking off our 2015 snow kiting lessons! If you can endure the cold, snow kiting will afford you an experience unlike any other. Imagine an open field, a fresh layer of powder resting undisturbed, a 15 knot wind tousling the flaps on your favorite winter bonnet. Channel your inner Sol LeWitt. This is your canvas.

Learning to kiteboard on the snow can be one of the easiest ways to learn, especially if you already have snowboard or skiing experience. Snowkiting takes away many of the confounding variables that riding on the water has, and puts you in the best possible situation to learn quickly.

The best way to get started is with a trainer kite, allowing you to hone your flying skills. After that, we offer three different lessons, a Ground School course that provides two hour of kite introduction, a One Day Lesson, offering four hours of instruction, and a Two Day Camp for the most intrepid individuals. From there, if you would like some one-on-one personal coaching time with an instructor, we do offer private lessons. These lessons are tailored to help you meet your exact goals. Need some coaching on how to stay upwind, master jumping, or do basic tricks? We’ve got you covered.

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