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Boosted Boards v Yuneec E-Go Cruiser

Cruising on the Boosted electric longboard

With the recent addition of Boosted Boards to our growing fleet of electric longboards, we've caught the electric fever (which sounds like we're all decked out in our parachute pants, wishing we were John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever). While we may not be doing the hustle (because it would end very poorly while riding), we have been hitting the pavement and racking up the miles. No matter the brand, the verdict is in - they're an absolute blast. Having a hard time deciding what electric skateboard is right for you?

Compare the Boosted Boards and Yuneec E-Go Cruiser

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Tucker's Warehouse Special

2014 North Rebel 12m - $949 Kite-Only, $1339 w/ 5th Element Control Bar

For the discerning rider who desires a premium freeride kite, look no further than the North Rebel. The 2014 North Rebel delivers a smooth, refined feel, with easy handling, massive boosting ability, and a ton of low end grunt. From first opening the bag to inflating, launching, landing, and everything in-between, the 2014 North Rebel feels extraordinary.

Purchase your 2014 North Rebel here.

After a newer model year?

2015 North Rebels are now 25% off.

2016s are freshly available.

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