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Tucker's Warehouse Special

2014 Liquid Force Drive 136cm - $299 Complete!

2014 Liquid Force Drive

For 2015, we're excited to offer our new "Tucker's Warehouse Special" section. If you think of our site like a treasure map with all sorts of buried wonders, with this section we not only drop you straight on an "x", but dig up the treasure, package it up really nicely, and ship it right to your front door (or side or back or place of business depending on your shipping preferences).

This month's special is the 2014 Liquid Force Drive 136cm, and complete at that, for $299! "It sounds too good to be true", you skeptically think to yourself as you take an arrogant pull from your morning coffee. Well, that's why we built this special section. For those deals that are out-of-this-world fantastic. The unicorns, if you will.

Click through to order your Liquid Force Drive today. Supplies are limited!

Latest Kiteboarding Video


Check out some serious riding from North's team rider Colleen Carroll! You won't find any high heals in this edit, just straight heat powered riding with a female flare. Thanks Colleen for pushing the limits and showing the other riders just what can be done on a Kite!

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Instagram: @MACkiteboarding

Latest Gear Review

2015 North Evo 14m Kite Review

by Stephen Lee, MACkite Team Rider

2015 North Evo kite

I was lucky enough to escape the cold snap last week and get down to the Keys for some kite, cable, and fishing. The wind forecast beforehand was showing 15-18kts for most of the days. My typical quiver is a 17m / 12m Best TS. Since I didn't have much room in my board bag, I opted to just take the shop's 2015 North Evo 14m. I figured this might get me out on the water most days. It turned out to be a great decision.

I've never been much of a fan of North, but that started to change the more I used this kite. Out of the bag the kite feels solid and well built. The inflation system is top notch. No special nozzles or anything; just the hose. It locks in, doesn't pop off. You can inflate and deflate from this main center valve. It also has a dump valve toward the wingtip if you want to use it. I'd have to say, I like North's inflation system more than any other system on the market. (LF max flow is a close 2nd).

For extra safety, the Evo has the option for a 5th line, which tucks into a leading edge pocket when not in use. I flew the kite on the standard 4 lines the whole time and flagged it out on the safety to self-land. It depowered out fine so I don't think the 5th is needed... it's just a nice option to have.

1st day on the water the wind was ~21-23kts. Most were on 12s and 10s. I knew I'd be overpowered but put the 14m up anyway. I was jacked, but never felt out of control. This kite has raaange. Fully trimmed in, it still turns well and has decent bar feel. No canopy flapping or fluttering. Jumps were big, with a floaty feel.

The next few days were 14-19kts. At 170lbs, I never felt underpowered. Unhooked, this kite works decently. It has a constant pull during tricks... reminds me of the older Switchblades with a little more performance. If you are all about unhooked air tricks, I'd go for the Vegas or Dice. But for wave kickers, this kite is solid. Grunty pull and re-launches super quick.

I'd put the Evo in the beginner to advanced freeride category. If you want to cruise around, jump, throw in a little wakestyle, then this is the kite for you. A 14m / 10m quiver could get you on the water 90% of the windy days.

In summary, the 2015 North Evo is just plain fun. It has a solid feel, medium turning speed, and light-medium bar pressure. This kite is a Michigan kite.... solid low-end power and a big range. The Evo is an all-around kite that I feel most riders would be stoked on.

Check out the 2015 North Evo kite...

Snow Kite Lessons with MACkite

Kiteboarding Lessons

With winter now well-established, we’re ecstatic to be kicking off our 2015 snow kiting lessons! If you can endure the cold, snow kiting will afford you an experience unlike any other. Imagine an open field, a fresh layer of powder resting undisturbed, a 15 knot wind tousling the flaps on your favorite winter bonnet. Channel your inner Sol LeWitt. This is your canvas.

Learning to kiteboard on the snow can be one of the easiest ways to learn, especially if you already have snowboard or skiing experience. Snowkiting takes away many of the confounding variables that riding on the water has, and puts you in the best possible situation to learn quickly.

The best way to get started is with a trainer kite, allowing you to hone your flying skills. After that, we offer three different lessons, a Ground School course that provides two hour of kite introduction, a One Day Lesson, offering four hours of instruction, and a Two Day Camp for the most intrepid individuals. From there, if you would like some one-on-one personal coaching time with an instructor, we do offer private lessons. These lessons are tailored to help you meet your exact goals. Need some coaching on how to stay upwind, master jumping, or do basic tricks? We’ve got you covered.

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