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MACkiteboarding Package Kiteboard Comparison

Nathan compares the 2016 LF Edge and 2016 Airush VOX

So, you're a first-time rider or buyer looking for the best deal possible, right? Well, we don't blame you. Like you, the crew at MACkite is all about getting the most bang for their buck. Bearing that in mind, we've crafted our packages to maximize performance while being budget-conscious. Nathan breaks down the package boards featured in the Learn 2 Ride, Instructor's Choice, and Performance Plus packages. Not sure which to choose? Enjoy Nathan's witticism and wisdom as he chats about the 2016 Liquid Force Edge and 2016 Airush VOX.

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Tucker's Warehouse Special

2014 North Dice 10m, Kite-Only - Now $499

New to 2014 is the North Dice, a kite that blends the Rebel and Vegas into with surprising elegance, delivering an extremely playful kite. If freestyle, surf, or wakestyle disciplines are your forte, take a roll on the Dice. This is one addition to the North portfolio that is sure to be around for a while.

Purchase your 2014 North Dice here.

After a newer model? The 2015 North Dice is still available in select sizes, currently discounted at as much as 40% off.

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Or, get the latest and greatest, the 2016 Dice, here.

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