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Feel the Echo

Liquid Force team rider and midwest native Brandon Scheid explains the concepts and work that had happened in the past year leading to the release of his first and all new signature model... the 2015 Liquid Force Echo.

Ride Fast, Pop Hard, Go Big!!!

Check out the 2015 Liquid Force Echo here.

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Instagram: @MACkiteboarding

Latest Gear Review

Recent Best Kiteboarding Improvements: 2014 and Beyond

by Nate Patterson

Best Kiteboarding

As we approach the release of the 2015 Best Kiteboarding offerings, I've noticed a considerable improvement in all aspects of their equipment. For 2014, I personally flew a quiver totally comprised of Best kites, and was incredibly excited about the quality, performance, reliability, and overall ease of use. My quiver consisted of four amazing kites - the TS 17m, TS 12m, Cabo 9m, and Cabo 7m. I used one bar for the entire setup, the RP 47cm. I had a set of 5m extensions for those extreme light-wind days for the TS 17m. I have full faith in the safety system while charging waves in high winds on the Cabo 7m, and I have one of the most powerful and fun lightwind kites with the TS 17m - it's my ideal setup! After nearly a year of use (and abuse, I might add), the kites are still prime. Even the bar looks great!

After flying the new 2015 TS and Cabos over the past few weeks, I am further encouraged by the product that Best Kiteboarding is putting out. Their design team works relentlessly on producing some of the most incredible kites and boards available to date, and it shows! Over the past few years, Best has taken what were a couple good kites (speaking specifically about the TS and Cabo) and turned them into my two favorite kites. I'll be running the same quiver again for 2015, personally.

Best's progressive yet responsible and customer-service oriented attitude has pushed them further ahead than ever before. The thing that excites me the most about Best Kiteboarding is the potential for continued growth. Like, Best Kiteboarding has an entrepreneurial attitude that doesn't accept mediocrity, ultimately putting the customer first - whether it's offering some of the most exceptional equipment on the market, or making sure you're more than satisfied with your investment.

If you haven't put a new Best kite in your hands in a few years, you're definitely missing out. Make sure to check out the new 2015 Best Kiteboarding equipment at your local beach, or just give us a call and we can arrange for one to be at your door tomorrow!

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Kite Boarding Lessons at

Kiteboarding Lessons

Well, if you are here then you have done some research on what it takes to start kiteboarding. At MACkite, our Kiteboarding Lessons Program has a kiteboarding lesson that will suit your needs- from the basic to the advanced, our kiteboarding instructors can get you where you need to be.

If you are at the first stage of learning the ropes of kiteboarding and you need some help learning to steer the kite, MACkite Kiteboarding Ground School will get you started off on the right foot, and for only $100, it is an inexpensive way to get introduced to the sport of kiteboarding. After your Ground School Kiteboarding Lesson, we urge you to continue to hone your flying skills with at least 8-10 more hours on your power trainer kite. Students who have taken the time to do their trainer kite homework progress much faster in the second stage of our kiteboarding lessons.

The next step in the MACkite Kiteboarding Lesson Program would be a one-day kiteboarding lessson for $249 or a two-day kiteboarding camp. In both the one day lesson and two day camp, you will be taught the safety aspects of kiteboarding, body dragging, and self-rescue so you will feel confident in your own abilities to take yourself to the next level after only one session with our trained kiteboarding instructors. If you would like more than 4 hours of instruction and supervision, be sure to schedule yourself for a two-day camp and receive 8 hours of instruction from our trained kiteboarding instructors for only $549. During the two-day kiteboarding camp you will have more time learning the basics, as well as an introduction to board starts and possibly getting your first real ride on a kiteboard.

From there, if you need a refresher or would like some one-on-one personal coaching time with a Kiteboarding Coach, we do offer Private Kiteboarding Lessons for $100 per hour. These lessons are tailored to help you meet your exact goals. Need some coaching on how to stay upwind, master jumping, or do basic tricks? Our Kiteboarding Coaches can take you to the next level of kitesufing.

So what are you waiting for? Call us at 800.622.4655 and schedule your MACkite kiteboarding lesson today!

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