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Tip #17 – Stay Warm

Steve riding near an icy pier Hello and welcome to spring. I know that some of you getting this letter have been in warm water for quite some time. On the other hand, those of us in the Midwest, Northwest, and Northeast are in the "stay warm" mode still. Lake Michigan water temps are just inching over 40 degrees and yes, that's really cold.

A few simple things to make the most of your early spring session:

1st - Conserve your body heat prior to getting in the water. Most important are your fingers and toes. I wear my winter jacket, beanie, and winter gloves while setting up my kite and bar. If my fingers last, I am good for an hour or two. If they get cold – it's over when you can't hang onto the bar. Best investment? Dakine Mittens.

Roll your sleeve over your glove2nd - Mark H. just showed me this one in March, and it was a very nice bonus. Get into your suit and roll up the sleeves a few inches. Next pull on your gloves and roll down the suit. The second sleeve is tricky, and having a buddy to help is always nice.

3rd - Put your boots over your wet suit. When you ride the water sprays upward, and this stops most of the flow into your suit and booties. Surfers run with their booties under their wetsuit, so don't follow their lead on this one.

4th - Book a trip to someplace warm – Okay, so I am jealous of everyone going south when I am missing out this year. I hope it's 80 and blowing 20 for everyone who has trips planned.

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