Sailing Skills and Kiteboarding

Sailing Skills and Kiteboarding

sailing and kiteboardingWhile all wind sports have some similarities, sailing and kiteboarding concepts are closely linked. The most basic of these is using wind to create forward motion. Both kiteboarding and sailing involve placing the sail at an angle to catch wind, then using fins or the edge of the craft to sheer that power into movement. In both kiteboarding and sailing, the size and placement of the sail in relation to the wind will dictate the power output.

In both sailing and kiteboarding, it is possible to make progress upwind. Both require a finesse of the sail as well as careful edging into the wind. To do so is an acquired skill. Sailors will be familiar with the concept of taking a few tacks to achieve any significant distance.

Similar to moving upwind, it is also possible to over-sheet the sail and misuse the potential power. In kiteboarding, over-sheeting may cause the kite to backstall or lose power, while in sailing over-sheeting can actually cause you to move backward. Over-sheeting in both instances is because you have pulled in too much sail and have changed the angle to a position opposite the direction of travel.

Sailors gain a weighty advantage when it comes to wind knowledge in kiteboarding. The concept of wind direction, quality, and ride-ability will seem familiar to even the most novice sailor. For instance, when you say side-shore winds or a north west at 20 knots, a sailor will be familiar with this terminology.

Sailors have a distinct advantage in learning kiteboarding and are among the best candidates for new riders.

Rider: Tucker
Years riding: 1
Preferred gear: RPM, Vector, DLX, boots, Subwoofer, Pyro