How To Improve Your Board Skills

How To Improve Your Board Skills

Have you ever wondered how some people pick up kiteboarding so easily? The answer is usually one of two things; kite skills or board skills.

Kite skills come from previous experience with trainer kites or stunt kites. These are very important in kiteboarding and will make your life a lot easier when learning; however, they do not make up for a lack of board skill.

If you have some experience riding sideways on a wakeboard, snowboard, skateboard, surfboard, windsurfer, or mountain board, then you likely have some board skills. Years of experience in wakeboarding, surfing, or windsurfing will afford you an even bigger advantage, as you already know how to edge on the water.

Well, that is awesome, but what if you have no board skill and still want to learn to kiteboard quickly? This experience can attained by heading out on a boat or to your local cable park to practice board starts and edging in a controlled way. Wakeboarding cable parks are becoming vastly popular around the globe. These cable parks offer a consistent pull (about 18-20mph), a high angle of pull, flat water, and require no wind, all of which make them perfect for kiteboard training. Beginners to pro level riders can benefit from this practice, and it offers riding in between windy days. Don't believe me? Just check out many of the newest kiteboard videos that always feature some cable park riding.

Placid Wake ParkHere in West Michigan, we frequent the local System 2.0 cable Placid Wake Park to hone our skills on rails, kickers, and load tricks. The guys there are great riders and are always willing to lend a hand to new riders. Even as a cable veteran, their many features will keep you happy and challenged all day.

Tucker Vantol
Age: 26
Weight: 180 lbs
Gear: Slingshot RPM 14/10m, 141cm Asylum, 143cm Shredtown, Ronix One boots, Dakine Pyro