Choosing a LIghtwind Kite

Lightwind Kites to Beat the Summer Kiteboarding Doldrums

Best TS kiteboarding kite 2013
We have a couple of amazing lightwind kite options right now for summer riding.

My personal favorite is the 2013 Best TS 17m. It gets you riding in that elusive 10-12mph and has range up to almost 20 for me at 175 lbs. The thing that the TS has which separates it from other lightwind kites is a performance feel. It pulls like an 18m but turns like a 15m, and unlike many other lightwind kites allows for technical unhooked tricks. I can do my most difficult maneuvers in as little as 15 mph. Truly a one-of-a-kind breed of kite complete with kite, bar, lines, line extensions, pump, backpack, and stuff sack.

Cabrinha Crossbow light wind kite 2013If you are lighter than 180lbs, then the 2013 Cabrinha Crossbow 13m is an excellent lightwind kite. It pulls like a 16m and turns true to its 13m size. The Crossbow has the largest wind range of any kite at 12-23mph, as well as boasting the easiest upwind performance of any kite. The 2013 Crossbow offers huge lofty jumps with soft landings even in the lightest wind.

HQ 15m Matrixx foil kiteIf you are looking to ride in that 6-10mph area, you will need a foil kite. Their light weight design allows them to fly in as little as 4 mph of wind and ride in 6 mph with an appropriate board. The best foil kite value on the market has got to be the HQ Matrixx 15m. It rivals kites in the $2500 range in both performance and durability. This kite has saved many lessons for us while serving in our kiteboard school and will allow you to ride before anyone else is even looking at the forecast. Be advised... this kite is very powerful in winds over 14mph.

by Tucker (dawn patrol) Vantol