Back Hand Drag

Kiteboarding Tips

The Back Hand Drag

by Steve Negen

The Back Hand Drag in kiteboarding

As spring and big wave days are fast approaching, I thought it only suitable to include a tip that worked well for me in the fall. It is nothing new in the world of water sports, but I have never heard of anyone mention it in reference to kiteboarding. It is the simple act of dragging your back hand in order to catch a wave. While this definitely looks cool in the photos, there is a very functional reason for it. When riding, it is very easy to get just ahead of the wave and therefore miss it by a small amount. If you find yourself just in front of the optimal spot on the wave, simply reach down with your back hand and drag it on the face of the wave. Depending on the force you apply to the water, you can greatly decrease your speed relative to the wave. Once you find yourself back into position, pick your hand off the wave and enjoy the ride.

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