2015 Best Spark Kiteboard

2015 Best Spark Kiteboard2015 Best Spark Kiteboard

SIZES: 132x40 / 136x41 / 142x42

The 2015 Best Spark, although reminiscent of the 2014 Best Spark Plug, is actually quite a different board in all the best ways. New for 2015, the Best Spark includes an ABS rail for added durability, X-Tension 3D Construction which tightens things up and adds power to the perfect areas of the board, as well as tip channels that drive the board well upwind of your friends on those "other" boards. A few things remain similar, however - it is rectangular in shape and has a couple straps that hold your feet to the rectangular wood shape. All in all, if you're looking at the 2015 Best Spin and wanting a more technically advanced board, grab a Spark and light up your local waters.

What Best Kiteboarding has to say about the 2015 Spark

  • Easy Handling And Perfect Freeride Performance For All Rider Levels
  • New Shape With Tip Channels Perfectly Steers The Water Flow
  • X Tension 3D Construction
  • 3D Milled Supremo Wood Core Eats Chop And Absorbs Heavy Landings

We designed the Spark to be the ideal freeride board. Its 3D milled Supremo wood core absorbs chip and hard landings, making the Spark ultra comfortable to ride. The X Tension 3D construction further optimizes the rocker and the bottom of the board to have a monoconcave shape with additional tip channels. This helps to steer the waterflow allowing the board to plane earlier improving its upwind performance. The new Spark comes completely lacquered and is more durable than ever. You can ride it hard to power your progression.


 2015 Best Spark Kiteboard