2012 Best TS Kite

2012 Best TS Kite2012 Best TS Kite

Every size of the TS kite is uniquely engineered for a specific set of riding conditions - allowing the TS range to cover all riders and riding styles. Every aspect of design, shaping, material selection and construction in the TS has been refined to bring each size even closer to perfection.

Any rider looking for a high wind kite that is stable and predictable needs look no further than the 4m and 5.5m TS kites. Unhooked wave riders will find that the medium size TS kites offer the perfect blend of tight and fast steering responsiveness, light bar pressure and unhooked control, allowing them to express their style like never before

New-school riders searching for blistering performance will be blown away by the improvements in handling, power delivery and jumping from the mid-sized TS kites. Hooked or unhooked the 7m -14m TS kites deliver greater stability, precise feedback and more performance than ever before.

For course racing and light wind conditions, the 15m and 17m TS kites are the most aerodynamically refined kites Best has ever made. Refined even further they have been trimmed back to deliver maximum light wind performance and racing advantage. Changes to the center strut design and bridle positioning make them even easier to relaunch in the lightest conditions.

With size ranging from 4m to 17m there is a TS for every rider and every riding style

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Features of the Best Kiteboarding TS

Ride Optimized Geometry:

Every size of TS v2 is unique. Best used a different blend of materials, construction techniques, bridling and 3D geometry to create a range of high performance kites where each model is ideally suited to delivering maximum performance for advanced riders looking for the perfect freeride/freestyle crossover kite.

Air-Aid materials:

New high performance fiber coatings on both Ripstop and Dacron materials maximize strength and increase handling responsiveness. With reduced material elongation under load making the TS range of kites the crispest handling and most responsive SLE designs Best has ever made

TS Micro Bridle:

The TS uses a short, direct connecting front bridle. Hidden next to the leading is a single movable tow point that gives you all the advantages of a direct connection to your kite yet still retains the stability, huge wind-range and ease of relaunch that you've come to expect from Best SLE kite designs. For unhooked riding, the combination of kite geometry and the new micro bridle provides zero back stall and great unhooked feel.

Custom tune:

Custom-Tune gives you the control to rig your kite to suit your personal riding style and wind condition. With multiple back line positions on the wingtips, you have the option to adjust the depower settings, back line pressure and the turning speed of your kite.


The EZ-pump connectors on the TS directly attach the tubes to the valves without an intermediary connector. Reducing the number of parts in the EZ-pump makes it more robust, easier to use and service.

New Needle Leading Edge:

The leading edge of every TS is stitched with a new needle, one needle per leading edge. Replacing the needle for every new LE ensures a more accurate stitch with smaller needle holes and a stronger final construction. It might cost a little more to do it this way, but it's the best way to build a kite

Hidden Bridle Patches:

The TS has multiple layer LE attachment points reinforcements, which are applied to the inside of the LE. This provides best possible load distribution and eliminates any risk of fraying Dacron edges.

Kevlar Elbows:

Kevlar reinforced, abrasion resistant leading edge elbow patches provide greater resistance against handling and launch/land damage.

3D Kevlar Airframe:

All the leading edge and the strut joints on your kite are 3D shaped and constructed with a Kevlar material. There is no better way to connect the leading edge to the struts. This construction gives the lightest and most durable inflatable kite structure available, yielding a kite with exceptional performance and easy handling for riders of all abilities.

Canopy Framing Technology:

Crashing your kite is a fact of life. That's why the perimeter of each canopy segment in every Best kite is supported with a unique reinforcement zone: isolating the canopy from impact and crash loads. CFT is a unique approach to distributing shock loads, and the effective transfer of TE tension, across the canopy of your kite and you'll only find it on Best kites.

Load Flex Seam:

The tip-to tip leading edge seam on all of Best kites is triple stitched and the inside is fully taped with a Mark cloth strip for maximum strength. All internal barrel seams are smooth-taped to protect the bladders from any ridges of stitching. The Load Flex seam design provides additional support to the leading edge helping to provide maximum strength and stability to your kite.

Flat Pack Seams:

The Flat Pack LE barrel seams contribute to the strongest LE construction Best has ever made. Removing the overlap between segments has created a stronger and lighter LE construction with enhanced stiffness and torsion load handling for even greater responsiveness and durability.

Strut Strings:

The strut bladders have a small length of string attached to the head of the bladder. This string passes through the head of the strut casing to allow you pull the bladder tight against the strut casing after replacing a bladder.

3D Scuff Guards:

The TS canopy receives 3D injection molded scuff pads to provide maximum protection in self launch situations.

Surf Tough:

Surf Tough describes how Best builds in the absolute highest quality with every kite that they make. There are no shortcuts to great performance and lasting durability. They take pride in each and every kite that they make and that's why you will find Surf Tough features on every Best inflatable kite.