Women's Kiteboards

Women's Kiteboards

womens-kiteboards.pngChoosing the proper kiteboard is like chosing the perfect pair of shoes. While it may sound cheesy, it is a good representation of the detail of consideration. Instead of chosing the proper heel height, you'll be taking a look at the proper amount of rocker. Which color do you like? What is your perfect size? What is going to make you the most comfortable for a day's ride? All of these questions need to be considered, and more, when finding the perfect kiteboard.  Here's a few of our favorite kiteboards for our not-so-girly-girl riders:

2015 Best KB4Girls Kiteboard

The KB4Girls is the ultimate board for all female riders who seek performance on demand. It is designed to throw freestyle and new school tricks or to enjoy endless freeride sessions. This performance freestyle board won't be holding you back, regardless of the type of session you're on. The combination of the carbon basalt construction and 3D Torsion Shock Absorber help this board outperform most typical kiteboards available, further aiding your dominance on the water.

2015 Cabrinha XO Kiteboard

For women, by women, the Siren board is slightly softer than the men's line whilst keeping legendary Cabrinha construction and finishing. Details like appropriate sizes and widths, narrower stance options, and lighter weights all make this board the ideal choice for women of all levels with a smaller build.

2015 Liquid Force Bliss Kiteboard

Smooth and versatile, the Bliss brings the ultimate do-it-all board to women. Modeled after the tried-and-true Influence, the Bliss features a medium rocker profile and a re-engineered soft flex pattern, delivering powerful pop, a super-precise feel, cushy landings, stellar grip, efficient upwind projection, and bounce- free glide through chop.

  • 2020 Cabrinha XO Kiteboard Top Deck 2020 Cabrinha XO Kiteboard Bottom

    2020 Cabrinha XO Kiteboard


    2020 Cabrinha XO Kiteboard  FREERIDE / FREESTYLE SIZES 133 x 38.5 136 x 39.5 DESIGN PROFILE High performance women’s model with the dampening of Paulownia wood. RIDER PROFILE A female rider who appreciates...