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Wing Surfing Lesson Introduction

Pere Marquette Park | Muskegon, MI

Pere Marquette Park | Muskegon, MI

Have you ever found yourself sitting on the beach, wishing there was something more fun you could do? Look no further, this lesson is designed to give you and your family and friends something fun to do on a hot summer day.

This 1.5-hour wing surfing course is the perfect activity for both adults and children. It does not require much wind to have an awesome session, and we will begin in shallow, nearshore water.

The lesson will start on the beach, setting up and becoming familiar with the wing. Then you will take to the water and learn how to control the wing in the water while sitting or kneeling on an inflatable tube.

The lesson will then move to handling a wing on an inflatable paddle board that is anchored in place.

After mastering the wing on the paddleboard in place you will move to another inflatable paddleboard that will allow you to get your first rides with the wing.

What is Wing Surfing?

Getting Your First Rides

If you're brand new to wing surfing and don't even know what it is, please check out this brief article from our blog to help get you up to speed.

Link HERE.

Wing Control On Board

Wing Control On Board

MACkite Wing Surfing Lesson Progression

  1. Board Control (beach)
  2. Wing Control (beach)
  3. Wing Control Tethered
  4. Wing Control on Board
  5. Navigation and Self-Rescue
  6. First Ride (kneeling)
  7. First Ride (standing)
  8. Switching Your Stance
  9. Ride Out—Stop—Ride Back
  10. Practice Triangle
  11. Riding Upwind
  12. Gear Management

Important Booking Details for Your Lesson

  • Weekdays | Book 24 Hours in Advance
  • Weekends | Book 48 Hours in Advance
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to your lesson (Eastern Time)

MACkite Wing Surfing School Video Series

Please check out our complete video lesson progression via the link below to get the most out of your wing surfing lesson.

Wing Surfing School | The MACkite Method


Contact Links for Lesson Information

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