Wetsuits can be used for a variety of reasons - perhaps you’d like to be Batman rocking a skin-tight suit (cape and utility belt not included), or show off your seal impression, or just wear them for your outdoor sporting adventures? MACkite has you covered with a variety of widths and cuts to keep flexibility while keeping you warm. But, before you make your big purchase, you’re probably wondering, “Which wetsuit is right for me?” Your use of a wetsuit depends on the air and water temperature and your needs of the suit.

Have you ever felt those 80-degree days, when you want nothing more than to hit the beach, but then you find yourself freezing in the water? Often, when that bright sun comes roaring into the sky, the air heats up faster than the water, so the water is often cooler in the day and feel slightly warmer at night when the air cools down. This phenomenon can be misleading and make you feel like you don’t need as much protection when, in reality, you do. Whether you're rocking a 50-degree water temperature, or finding yourself snowkiting in anything below 32-degrees, we've got your back (and your front). 

Wetsuit Temperature Guide

Water Temperature (F) Thickness Wetsuit Type Stitching
> 72° N/A  Rashguard N/A
65° - 75° 1 - 2/1 mm Neoprene Top / Shorty N/A
62° - 68° 2 - 3/ 2mm Long Sleeve Short Suit / Full Suit Flatlock
58° - 63° 3/2 - 4/3 mm Full Suit + Boots Sealed
52° - 58° 4/3 - 5/4 mm Full Suit + Boots + Gloves + Hood Sealed & Taped
43° - 52° 5/4 mm Full Suit + Boots + Gloves + Hood Sealed & Taped
42° & Below 6/5 mm  Full Suit + Boots + Gloves + Hood Sealed & Taped
  • Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit

    Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit

    Ocean Rodeo

    IGNITE DUAL FUNCTION DRYSUIT / FOUL WEATHER GEAR! Limited stock; only sizes listed are available.  Blurring the lines between foul weather gear and traditional drysuits the Ignite is loaded with expedition style features and is...