Wake Hydrofoil

Wake Hydrofoil

Wakesurf hydrofoiling or "Wakefoiling" has taken off as of late. Flying along the wake with or without a rope is simply a feeling that needs to be on every person's bucket list. You do not need an expensive boat, a young body, or even that much skill to get going, but the fun is endless. Experienced riders with a large wing can ride infinitely behind the boat 1, 2, 3, even 4 wakes back with a rope for assistance.


  • Short masts (15"-30") to handle chop and steep wakes
  • Short fuselage for tight turns and quick pitch adjustment
  • Full range of wing sizes to adapt for speed, rope-less riding, wake size, and riding style. 90-210 sq in
  • Track box is the most popular type of board connection
  • Most boards range in size from 3'6-5'
  • Most boards have the option to mount footstraps or hooks

Hydrofoil wing size suggestions for surfing, wakefoil, kiteboarding, SUP, and windsurfing

 An in depth look at wing dimensions across all brands and their predominant uses.

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    Naish S25 Jet 1050 Naish S25 Jet 1050

    2021 Naish S25 Jet 1050 / 1250 Complete Foil


    $1,150.00 - $1,195.00
    2021 Naish S25 Jet 1050 / 1250 Complete Foil Foil Surfing/Wake Foiling/Wing-Surfing Naish Jet foils feature a medium aspect ratio delta wing planform with moderate anhedral to deliver the optimum combination of early lift, speed and turning ability...
    $1,150.00 - $1,195.00