Takuma Wing Ride III

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  • Takuma Wing Ride III
  • Takuma Wing Ride III
  • Takuma Wing Ride III
  • Takuma Wing Ride III
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Takuma Wing Ride III

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At Takuma, we make a point of always being one step ahead to provide you with innovative, high performing products allowing you to ride even more intensely.

In 2019 Takuma & Wing Ride, under the spotlight, launched the Wing Ride I. The past few months were full of adjustment and incredible discoveries of new performance. We are now proud to present you the Wing Ride III. This new Wing Ride is the most balanced model on the market.

The Wing Ride model III will take you from your first wing riding moments to most advanced rides, like wave riding, downwinding, jumping, speeding and more, thanks to its amazing stability and forward drive. Our design process has been focused on stability and ease of use, paired with a stiffness allowing for comfortable and efficient rides. 

The arc had been specifically designed for improved efficiency. Flat enough to maximize power, and flaring out enough to let the air flow through the whole wing and let you accelerate, it makes you go upwind easily and enhances the forward drive at the start.

The canopy is naturally tensioned for a perfect profile definition at all times. This creates a very direct response to input, with no flutter when sheeting out and an unmatched stability when neutrally flown, like when riding a wave for example.  

Our unique long reinforced handles are designed to greatly improve your control of the wing while also letting you easily move your hands back and forth without having to let go of a handle to grasp the next one over.

Your Wing Ride III will live a lot: reinforcement on all leading edge seams and kevlar protection on ears (aramid) protect the Wing from friction and most practice related hazards for better long life sustainability.

A special attention has been paid to making this Wing Ride as light as possible by only incorporating needed reinforcements, selected after hours of testing in all conditions. Wings of 2,6m to 4m come with 2 riding handles and 1 leading edge. Sizes 5 and 6 come with 3 riding handles and 1 leading edge.

The leading edge diameter has been totally reworked with a whole new taper. It increases in the center to give a stiffer platform, allowing for more efficient pumping, better support in jumps, and amazing low end power. The diameter decreases closer to the wing tips, letting the area twist slightly to adjust to the airflow and provide the most efficiency and forward drive ever on a wing. You’ll appreciate the easy deflation of the strut, thanks to our double leading edge to strut connection and its big diameter. 

The Wing Ride requires a pump to be inflated, which is not delivered with it.

  • Tensioned canopy 
  • Outline focusing the power in the center of the wing 
  • Forward drive 
  • Long and tight handles
  • Exclusive construction
  • Light weight
  • Hidden closing seam, keeping your hand away from seams and sharp material edges 
  • Big diameter double hose connection from strut to leading edge 
  • Tension diffuser
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    Takuma wing ride 3. 3m

    Posted by DEAN WALTON on 26th Mar 2021

    Great wing.Very good low end, for sure I get the 4 wheel drive statement..Nicely balnced , easy to tack, jybe and surf.The handles work very well and are easy to find after transitions.The leash seems a bit long .The wing does flip upside often if you let it go on the leash after a fall so you do spend a few more seconds flipping it back over. I weight 55kg and rode the 3m in 15 to 18 mph and was always powered. Amazing.Great build qualty.Nice job Takuma!

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