Surfboard Pads & Straps

Surfboard Pads & Straps


Straps or bindings? It’s like asking yourself, “Do I want a clingy or a chill relationship?” Either way, you’ll be attached to the board. The method, however, is different.

Footstraps and Footpads

The chill side of every relationship. They’re the ones that say, “Baby, I know you need your space. Go have fun with your friends.” And you think, “Aw, sweet!” So you leave your humble abode (your board, in this case), take off with your friends (perform some sick tricks), and arrive back home at two o’clock in the morning with no angry partner (place your feet back on the board). You’re able to do what you want, when you want, and that makes your riding experience all the better.

Bindings and Boots

The more clingy of the two, you notice a bit of crazy in your partner. They’re pretty good-looking, but they don’t like to let go (meaning, they’ll be able to grip you to your board through the entire ride). You’ll be finding yourself less flexible with your time, but that’s okay if you don’t like to go out as much.

No matter your choice, MACkite will be your wingman to get you the proper footwear you need*.

*Relationship advice not included

  • WMFG Six Pack Stubby Traction Pads - Black/White WMFG Six Pack Stubby Traction Pads - Black/White

    WMFG Six Pack Stubby Traction Pads - Black/White


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