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Slingshot Rally GT V2 Kiteboarding Kite

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  • 2021 Slingshot Rally GT V2 Kiteboarding Kite
  • 2021 Slingshot Rally GT V2 Kiteboarding Kite
  • 2021 Slingshot Rally GT V2 Kiteboarding Kite
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2021 Slingshot Rally GT V2 Kiteboarding Kite2021 Slingshot Rally GT V2 Kiteboarding Kite

Sizes: 5m / 6m / 7m / 8m / 9m / 10m / 12m / 14m

The evolution of the RALLY GT V2 for 2021 sees the kite's design dialed up to be even more user-friendly with improved turning speed, upwind performance and water relaunch. Simply put: If you're looking for maximum freeride versatility, this is the kite for you.


The RALLY GT V2 is designed to be a true all-riders, all-conditions, one-kite-wonder that is unrivaled in terms of versatility and friendly performance.

To improve the RALLY GT V2's turning speed, Slingshot tapered the diameter of the leading edge to be smaller and more efficient, which allows the kite to move quicker through the wind window, as well as providing upwind reach. This more effective leading edge also adds more power per size and lighter bar pressure, especially in the larger sizes of the kite.

The Rally GT V2 also features a new bridle configuration and leading edge attachment points that allow for better range and even more stellar relaunch than the inaugural version. By integrating pulleys into the new bridle, Slingshot has made the Rally GT V2 steer and respond faster, as well as have better water relaunch.


  • The ultimate all-around crossover kite
  • The easiest kite for learning and progressing
  • Optimized for turning speed and upwind ability
  • Water relaunches quicker than any kite in our range
  • Infinite range and versatility

Package includes: Rally GT kite, kite bag, QSG, bladder patch kit, replacement IRS bungee

 2021 Slingshot Rally GT V2 Kiteboarding Kite


  1. 4x4 Canopy Tech: The canopy on the RALLY GT V2 is constructed with Teijin 4x4 reinforced ripstop material. This is the strongest, stiffest and most durable canopy material on the market. Your kite will last longer, have a higher resale value and feel more solid and stable in the air, especially in gusty wind.
  2. Three-Strut, Future Retro-C Canopy: Provides the ideal balance between friendly, responsive handling and stability with smooth, sheetand-go power delivery. A versatile shape that excels in all conditions.
  3. Segmented Swept Wingtips: The RALLY GT V2's variable diameter wingtip segments to combine to create a uniform and structured design with a cleaner, more efficient swept wingtip shape. This design aids in the kite's structural stability, response time, as well as water relaunch.
  4. Four-Point Bridle: Pulleys on the new four-point bridle configuration deliver more dynamic steering, especially in the larger sizes.
  5. Multiple Attachment Points: Different attachment points integrated into the kite allow you to fine-tune handling, power and performance based on your riding style and the conditions of a particular session. Even small changes to these settings can make a big impact on the kite's overall performance, making this an important tool for getting the most out of your kite every time you ride.
  6. Splitstrut: A Slingshot innovation that has been copied industry wide, Splitstrut integrates the kite canopy and struts into one firmly interconnected piece rather than the canopy being sewn over the strut like lesser designs. Splitstrut creates a stronger, more stable and more durable canopy, enhances power under heavy load, and creates efficiency and rigidity in the overall frame.
  7. Surf-Tough Construction: Reinforced seams and a strategic surf-grid canopy that isolates tears and reduces the chance of catastrophic blowouts in the event your kite goes through the wringer in the surf.
  8. One Pump Speed System: Another game-changing Slingshot innovation now used industry-wide, One Pump lets you inflate and deflate your kite through a central valve. If you ever had an older kite with separate strut valves, you'll know how much of a hassle it was.
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