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Slingshot kiteboarding was created in 1999 by brothers Jeff and Tony Logosz. The pair had been keeping an interested eye on early forms of kiteboarding through the nineties, watching Corey Roesler race on his kite ski contraption in the Gorge, and Laird Hamilton cruise in the waters of Maui. While both fascinating to watch, in each scenario both riders were merely cruising downwind, making the sport unmarketable to the majority of people. Then, in 1998 the brothers caught a glimpse of Lou Wainman out in Hawaii, managing not only to stay upwind but perform tricks that would take the kiteboarding industry years to come to fully adopt. As Tony by this point had already formed a business creating custom kiteboards, a greater expansion into kiteboarding wouldn’t prove difficult. Not wanting to compete with Tony’s existing venture however, the two brothers founded Slingshot with the intention of focusing exclusively on kiteboarding gear.

Slingshot kiteboarding had an early advantage on many other companies, as many manufactured both windsurfing and kiteboarding gear, and therefore had to remain accountable to both markets. Slingshot’s attentiveness to the kitesurfing industry allowed them to channel research and development funds exclusively into kiteboarding gear innovation. Slingshot Kiteboarding combined this with an aggressive design philosophy, peppering their kites with flame graphics in an industry where kitesurfing kites were traditionally bland. Their first full size offering was the Stealth, which proved disastrous in terms of construction and performance. From this however, Slingshot realized that to be an industry leader, they needed to focus heavily on quality and customer experience, a philosophy which is traceable in their kitesurfing kites and kiteboards today.

With the continued success and subsequent expansion of their kiteboarding line, Slingshot Kiteboarding began expanding into wakeboarding, re-purposing many of the board innovations they created in the kiteboarding industry. Their core focus however remains in kiteboarding, propelling the industry forward both in terms of product construction and innovation.
So what makes Slingshot Kiteboards so unique? Let’s start with the construction. The wood that goes into their all-wood Atomic Core isn’t only extremely durable with high flex performance, but also sourced from locally farmed, sustainable forests. Their kiteboards are then coated with Resin X, an organic epoxy that is not only eco-conscious but light weight, durable, and resistant to UV damage. The Fastrack mounting system allows for easy installation and adjustment, affording a high degree of customization. 4D graphics further lend to board customization, each graphic printed slightly different at varying dimensional depths so no two kiteboards are precisely the same.

Slingshot Kiteboarding manufactures all of their kiteboards in the United States in the Pacific Northwest, promoting local economies while reducing the externalities from shipping long distances. Quality is ubiquitous across Slingshot’s kiteboard line, each board made to the highest construction standards.

Slingshot Misfit

The Misfit is Slingshot Kiteboarding’s premier all-around kiteboard, perfect for kite surfers who rides in a diverse array of conditions.

Slingshot Darko

The Darko is designed for performance-oriented kiteboarders, especially those looking for explosive pop and freestyle maneuverability.

Slingshot Glide

Completely redesigned for 2013, the Glide is tailored for lightwind performance.

Slingshot Asylum

The Asylum ushers in the modern kiteboarding era, displaying high amounts of rocker and flex for the most progressive freestyle kiteboarders.

Slingshot Crisis

Similar to the Slingshot Misfit, the Crisis is designed with all-around functionality in mind, though offers a damper feel for kiteboarders who look for less stiffness.

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    2021 Slingshot Sci-Fly XR

    2021 Slingshot Sci-Fly XR

    Slingshot Kiteboarding

    Now: $1,109.99
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    2021 Slingshot Sci-Fly XR Sizes: 5'0" / 5'4" The out-of-this-world 2021 SCI-FLY XR is a modern short board designed for aerials and powered-up, progressive freeriding- now built with XR Construction, a hybrid EPS composition for optimal balance of...
    Now: $1,109.99
    Was: $1,233.32