Slingshot 15" Hover Glide Aluminum Mast

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  • 2016 Slingshot 15" Hover Glide Aluminum Mast
  • 2016 Slingshot 15" Hover Glide Aluminum Mast
  • 2016 Slingshot 15" Hover Glide Aluminum Mast


Slingshot Hover Glide Aluminum Mast

15" mast; fuselage & wings pictured are sold separately

Foilboarding can be frustrating and intimidating to learn. Slingshot's 15" mast is the perfect way to get acclimated to riding a hydrrofoil board. 

What Slingshot has to say about the 15" Mast

The 15" mast is the "Taxi" stage of Foiling Flight School and is an invaluable tool for entry-level and first-time foilers who need to develop basic skills and coordination before moving on to a longer mast. With the 15" mast, you'll learn all the initial steps of foiling significantly faster, easier and safer than with a full size mast.

Step 1: Taxi Stage, 15-inch (38cm) mast - Getting a feel for how your foil behaves is much easier, and safer, with a shorter and more manageable mast. Step 1 of Foiling Flight School is called the Taxi Stage, as in an airplane taxiing around a runway. Staring with the 15-inch mast will help you master the basic foiling skills, like how to properly carry your foil, how to swim and body drag with it, how to get it in position to water start and how to get it under your feet and moving through the water. With a shorter mast, you’ll learn these basic steps much easier and safer than if you were struggling with a full-size foil. Once you’re able to taxi back and forth on your board and can ride short distances out of the water using the foil, you’ll be ready for Step 2.

Mast is easily mounted to the Hover Glide's stock pedestal and foil aseembly for quick on-the-fly change-out. 

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