RockyMounts DriveShaft HM Mount

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  • RockyMounts DriveShaft HM Mount
  • RockyMounts DriveShaft HM Mount
  • RockyMounts DriveShaft HM Mount
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RockyMounts DriveShaft HM Mount

Included locks and keys

What RockyMounts has to say about the DriveShaft HM

Designed for do-it-yourself bolt on installation, perfect for truck beds, vans, SUV's, trailers, and custom storage.

RockyMounts DriveShaft HM is our locking 12mm/15mm/20mm thru-axle bolt on system for trucks, SUV's, and trailers. Comes with a flat mounting surface designed for "do it yourself" bolt on installation. Designed with a wide mouth opening to easily load your bike and a T-Bolt that adjusts for a tighter hold so the thru-axle cannot be unscrewed. Lock and keys included. 


I do not understand how it locks, can't you just unscrew the thru axle? 

No, when closed, there is too much friction on the axle and the thru axle cannot be removed. 

What is the difference between the DriveShaft and DriveShaft HM?

The HM is a bolt on mount for bolting to a pick-up. It can also be used as a fork mount adapter using our Dummy Axle for 9mm QRs.

Is it compatible with "Boost 110"?
Yes, it will work with Boost 110 spacing.

Does is come with any mounting hardware?

No. There are many possibilities on where you might mount the DriveShaft HM (steel, wood, etc). The DriveShaft HM has mounting holes that accept ¼" or 6mm bolts that you will need to provide.

Does it lock?

Yes, it includes a lock and two matching keys. How can I get two keyed alike? If you get them from a dealer, ask them to find two with the same keys (the key # is stamped on the bottom of the box). We try to ship them to our dealers so this is possible. If you order them from our website, we will do this automatically. Note: Many online dealers have remote warehouses and cannot provide this service. Please call/email them to verify.

Why can't the axle just be unscrewed when locked?

The axle is gripped by the frame and is impossible to un-thread before breaking the QR handle.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, there is a 35lb weight limit. Do not try to mount your moped.

How does it fit 12mm, 15mm, and 20mm axles?

We include one set of snap-in nylon shims that will convert the stock 20mm setting to fit 15mm axles. 12mm shims sold separately.

Can I put my road bike (standard fork) on it?

Yes, but not out of the box. The DriveShaft HM has the option to purchase a separate Dummy Axle to use with standard fork drop-outs that clamps in place as your axle would. Please Note: If the Dummy Axle is used your bike will not be locked.

Features & Benefits

  • The only locking thru-axle mounts on the market
  • Wide-mouth opening for easy bike loading
  • Adjustable T-bolt for a secure hold (axle cannot be unscrewed)
  • Fits 12mm, 15mm, & 20mm axles using snap in nylon shims
  • Mounting hole spacing = 4 3/8" (center to center)
  • Mounting hole size = 6mm
  • Lifetime warranty
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