Ozone Wasp V1 Kite Wing

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  • Ozone Wasp V1 Kite Wing
  • Ozone Wasp V1 Kite Wing
  • Ozone Wasp V1 Kite Wing
  • Ozone Wasp V1 Kite Wing
  • Ozone Wasp V1 Kite Wing
  • Ozone Wasp V1 Kite Wing
  • Ozone Wasp V1 Kite Wing
  • Ozone Wasp V1 Kite Wing
  • Ozone Wasp V1 Kite Wing
  • Ozone Wasp V1 Kite Wing White
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Ozone Wasp V1 Kite Wing

SIZES: 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m


The WASP is a Kite Wing that crosses easily from water, land or snow. It offers easy power for anything that rolls, slides, planes or glides. Use it with your Skateboard, Mountain Board, Skis, Snowboard, SUP, Windsurf or Foil board. Simple, quick and a whole load of fun!

We concentrated on making the WASP easy to fly and handle. The large size Leading Edge creates stability and reduces flex, it also helps develop power at low speeds to get you moving sooner. The enlarged strut provides direct angle of attack control, as flex is minimal offering a solid and controlled feeling.

We kept the aspect ratio low to have a wing that has grunt and to keep the tips from catching the water. The wing tips have a layer of scuff protection for riding on snow or land, although it is best to keep the wing off the ground! 

Multiple Power Handles on the Leading Edge and Strut have been positioned to cover many options, providing maximum control and comfort while riding. The streamline De-Power Handle at the front of the Leading Edge completely de-powers the wing for total control when carving downwind in swell or when carrying the wing.

On the water the WASP has been developed riding SUP, Windsurf and Foil boards. The simple nature of the wing makes it suitable for riding any board that has enough volume to support your weight on the water. In strong wind conditions and with developed skills it is also possible to ride with smaller volume hydrofoil boards.

On the land or snow minimal wind is required to harness the natural energy to enjoy a different feeling of propulsion.

  • Kite Wing for the water, land or snow
  • Easy to fly and handle
  • Stable with efficient low end grunt
  • Strong and lightweight single strut design 

Wind range is indicative only based on an average rider weight of 80kg. Actual range will vary based on rider skill level and type of skis/board/foil used.

UPDATE for 5m and 6m wings....

The WASP 5m and 6m have been specially designed for light winds and/or heavier riders. The large size Leading Edge creates stability and reduces flex, it also helps develop power at low speeds to get you moving sooner. The rigidity of the high volume Leading Edge and Strut make it very efficient in light winds to pump the wing to generate speed.

Our design team have been enjoying light wind conditions during testing of the final 5m and 6m prototypes. Foiling in 5-10 knots with a large front wing is the perfect way to cruise while learning tacks and gybes, a steady breeze and calm water conditions make for a fast learning curve. Bring on sub 10 knot Wing Foiling!

We have gained a lot more experience and knowledge while testing various combinations of WASP wing size and Hydro Foil size on the water. We feel that the 5m or 6m would in most cases be the size of choice for riders 90kg and above who will use their WASP in winds of 10-20 knots with Hydro Foils. We have updated the WASP wind ranges in our marketing to reflect this.

The 5m is big enough for most riders looking for their large size WASP wing. It is easy enough to handle and has great low end grunt. If you are less than 90kg and looking for a fun light wind wing the 5m would be the size to consider.

The 6m is more wing to handle, due to its dimensions the wing tips are closer to the surface and will require extra attention to not catch water or rub it on the ground. It has amazing low end abilities to get you going in the lightest breeze, however if you are 90kg or above and mainly ride in 15 knot+ winds the 5m could be the better option.

Of course this is all highly dependent on rider skills and the hydro foil set up.

Blog: Wing Foil Fridays: Ozone Wasp vs. F-One Swing

On Water Wind Ranges



On Land Wind Ranges 




Exceptional Ozone Factory Construction


World-class construction in our own factory, using the highest quality materials and hand checked Quality Control at every step. The Ozone factory also manufactures our Paragliding and Speed Wing range; the same Quality Control processes are used across all products.

Designed With OZ-CAD


The FUTURE is NOW - All Ozone kites and wings are designed and developed using our own highly advanced custom built CAD software. Our designers are able to work with features specifically tailored to the unique forms and structures of technical inflatable and foil kites and wings. Part of our design team is dedicated to the upgrade of the CAD code and addition of new modules and features to the program as the development of our products continues.

Teijin TechnoForce D2 & Teijin Dacron


Teijin is the world’s leading supplier of polyester fabrics and sail materials for marine sports. We use the remarkably durable Teijin D2 canopy material in all our water kites and wings. Teijin D2 is the benchmark in quality with proven superiority in durability and dynamics. We use the incredibly strong and reliable Teijin Dacron in all our water kites and wings. Dacron is used on parts requiring rigidity and stability – the Leading Edge, Struts, Wingtips, and all loaded areas with extra reinforcement for enhanced load distribution and durability.

Power Handles [Wasp-V1]


Multiple Power Handles on the Leading Edge and Strut have been positioned to cover many options, providing maximum control and comfort while riding.

De-power Handle [Wasp-V1]


The streamline De-Power Handle at the front of the Leading Edge completely de-powers the wing for total control when carving downwind in swell or when carrying the wing.

Direct Connect Strut [Wasp-V1]


Our Direct Connect construction method improves load distribution between the Leading Edge, Strut and Canopy. This construction method ensures clean profiles are maintained with the optimum canopy tension. The Strut is connected directly to the Leading Edge with internal and external reinforcements.

Wrist Leash [Wasp-V1]


The comfortable wrist leash attaches to you and the Leading Edge of the wing. If you become overpowered or lose control, let go of the wing and it will de-power on the wrist leash line.

Internal reinforcements


What’s on the inside counts too – internal reinforcements for improved strength and durability; such as a Double layered Dacron + Insignia taped Leading Edge closing seam with high strength threads.

Double Stitched Folded Seams


Sail canopy seams are stitched, folded, and then stitched again for a clean and strong connection of the panels.

Reinforced Trailing Edge


Double layer Teijin D2 Trailing Edge strip with an internal light weight Dyneema reinforcement – this reduces canopy wear and helps to maintain optimum Trailing Edge tension as designed. The Dyneema line also reduces any potential stretch at the Trailing Edge.

Low profile aerodynamic Scuff Pads


Leading Edge bumpers are often large and unnecessary cosmetic items. At Ozone we build our kites and wings for performance and durability using the best materials & components available. Any areas requiring scuff protection we use a lightweight durable material with superior abrasion resistance, while keeping a low profile in order to reduce drag and maintain performance.

Unique bladder construction


Our bladders are constructed in-house with advanced custom built welding machines. Double layered sections are applied to any potential wear areas.

One-Pump Inflation System [Wasp-V1]


The One Pump inflation system enables quick and easy setup with single point inflation of the wing. Note: there is no closure clip on the one pump hose as the wing should be packed in case of Leading Edge or Strut deflation.

High volume inflate/deflate valve


A high volume valve makes inflation and deflation quick and easy. Pumping is a breeze thanks to the high airflow rate, while the internal seal engages to stop any air coming out under pressure. Unscrew the bottom of the valve to deflate and pack with ease.



Lightweight with loads of space, internal stash pocket and external pump holder.


  • Always use extreme caution when using this product.
  • Misuse of this product can cause serious injury or death.
  • Only use this product if you are in good physical health.
  • Never act in a careless manner when using this product (such as jumping in the air, or tying yourself down).
  • You are responsible for your own safety, and the safety of others around you when using this product.
  • If you are under 18 you should have your parents or legal guardian read these warnings and instructions. You should not use this product unless you are under proper guidance and supervision.
  • The use of this product exposes the user to many unavoidable and unexpected risks, dangers and hazards.
  • Do not use this product if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications.
  • Before using this product you must take lessons from a certified instructor/school.
  • Always wear a helmet when using this product.
  • This product is not a personal flotation device. Always wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device when using this product near the water.
  • Always carefully inspect all of your equipment before using it.
  • Never allow anyone who is not familiar with this product to use it without experienced assistance.
  • This product is equipped with user operated release systems, which need to be activated by the user to work.
  • The leash system is not a permanent attachment to this product. Never permanently attach yourself to the product or any of its components.

Choose a safe location:

  • Always observe local rules and regulations when using this product.
  • Do not use this product near other people or pets. Spectators should remain upwind of you when using this product.
  • Never use this product on crowded beaches or fields.
  • Never use this product near the water unless you know how to swim and are in good physical health.
  • Practice self rescue techniques before using this product near the water.


  1. Attach the pump leash to the wing, at the wrist leash connection loop.
  2. Check the valve is clean and free from sand/grit around the rubber seal.
  3. Screw the valve in firmly to the base.
  4. Open the top valve cap.
  5. Inflate using the IN valve. We recommend inflating to 7 PSI. Do not over inflate above 8 PSI.
  6. Do not under inflate or it will not perform as designed.
  7. Close the top valve cap. Double check the valve is tightened firm and is sealing.
  8. Close the neoprene protection cover.
  9. Never leave unattended without securing the wing. If needed attach the wrist leash to the sand bag, your board, or a weight/solid object to secure the wing.




  • Always use the wrist leash. Attach it around your wrist before you start.
  • If you become overpowered or loose control, let go of the wing. It will de-power on the wrist leash line.
  • If you need to completely free yourself from the wing undo the wrist leash velcro. Be aware the wing will likely become out of reach.



  1. Never learn to use this product in more than 10 knots of wind.
  2. The wing has multiple power handles on the Leading Edge and Strut, and one de-power handle at the front of the Leading Edge.
  3. When carrying the wing use the de-power handle.
  4. To practice sheeting the wing for power, first take hold of a front power handle, then reach back to take hold of a rear power handle on the strut.
  5. Sheet the wing in to power up, and out to de-power.
  6. Practice sheeting the wing in and out to feel how the power is generated.
  7. Practice handling the wing on the land first before going to the water.



If you get into trouble out in the water, there is a simple way to self-rescue.

  1. Turn the wing over.
  2. Deflate the wing completely.
  3. Roll it up, screw the valve back in firmly to the base to seal the bladder to avoid water entering.
  4. Fold the wing in half or three sections.
  5. Wrap the wrist leash around the wing to keep it folded. Secure it with the Velcro.
  6. Paddle/swim back to shore with your board and wing.



  1. Open the OUT valve. The large valve dumps the air quickly.
  2. Roll one side of the wing to the center.
  3. Squeeze all air out from the strut.
  4. Roll up the opposite side.
  5. Screw the valve back in a few turns and close the neoprene cover.
  6. Fold in sections from the trailing edge to fit into the bag.

NOTE: If packing on the water, after rolling the wing up, screw the valve back in firmly to the base to seal the bladder to avoid water entering.



This is a technical product used in harsh outdoor environments. Use common sense and care for your equipment.

  • Never inflate this product on a rough surface.
  • Inflate slowly and ensure the bladders are inflating correctly. If you see a twist or something looks strange stop pumping immediately and check bladders. They may need re-inserting to ensure they inflate properly.
  • Once you have inflated secure the product. Do not use heavy objects. Boards and fins can damage the material.
  • Never leave this product un-used for long periods of time in the sun and wind. UV, canopy flapping due to wind, sand etc hitting the sailcloth can all severely shorten the products lifespan.
  • Never pack this product wet, only when completely dry. Packing wet can damage the material and its coatings and may lead to dye running. This is not valid for warranty.
  • Never leave this product inside a car or in direct sunlight


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2 Reviews

  • 5
    O-Zone Wasp 3 &4 meter Wings

    Posted by Scotty McManus on 27th Feb 2020

    Both kites are built strong handle well, and cover a wide range of when velocities. I would recommend both of them

  • 5
    Great wing! Great service!

    Posted by William Lile on 22nd Oct 2019

    Tucker was an amazing help in choosing a wing to meet my needs. We went with the 4 meter Ozone Wasp. I have an 11' 6" SUP and I was up and riding all over Pensacola Bay the first day. The wing is well constructed, inflates in Two minutes, and has plenty of padded handles. On the leading edge, along the spine, and Y handles where the leading edge meets the spine. It collapses into a bag the size of a school back pack with NO pole like the DuoTone. It generated great lift and has 100% Depower by holding the handle in the middle of the leading edge. I was able to find used SUP foil with a Slingshot Infinity foil in 76 and 84cm with a 24 inch mast. Service was 4 days. In stock in my color of choice. Tucker is an amazing source for information about Wings and Foils. Foil Friday on YouTube is a reason to subscribe to Mac kite. Two thumbs up for the whole experience. Tucker is like talking to a good friend and receiving honest advice.

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