North's 2016 Dice Release Video

North's 2016 Dice Release Video

2016 North Dice Product Clip

Tom Court, hardcore wakestyler, introduces the third generation North Dice to the masses. Taking your opinions and criticisms, North has improved the Dice this year with several newer features that riders are sure to enjoy. The 2016 Dice has been redefined for a more versatile riding structure, meaning you'll be able to enjoy the waters no matter the conditions. Color us stoked.

Why we're stoked about the 2016 North Dice:

  • Whether you're into freestyle, wakestyle, or strapless wave tricks, the increased stability in this kite means that it is forgiving and easy to handle. 
  • The slightly swept back leading edge coupled with refined bridle measurements have helped improve the kite's low-end power.
  • Water relaunching has become a breeze due to the overall stiff structure of the new Dice construction. 
  • Bigger, loftier jumps are likely now due to the kite's new, thinner strut design.
  • The new Anti-Snag technology allows the lines to be separate, even when having your kite tumbled over by a few waves. 
  • The bridles are able to provide a variety of riding styles. Whether you choose the hard setting for wakestyle, or the soft setting for cruising, you'll have a customized riding experience.

19th Aug 2015 Angela Michael

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