First Session Back in Taiba - Crag Cunningham

First Session Back in Taiba - Crag Cunningham

10 months after surgery, Craig Cunningham from Duotone Kiteboarding headed south to Brazil. He met up with some of the crew from Duotone to ride one of his favorite spots: Taiba, Brazil.

Taiba is a small fisherman’s village that has become increasingly popular and well-known as the spot where the pros train for the fall season, along with its bigger neighboring town, Cumbucco. These spots and many others in Brazil have become popularly known for consistent wind, warm weather, epic downwinders, and flatwater lagoons.

The usual routine:

  • Eat a glorious breakfast
  • Kite all morning
  • Relax in a hammock in the shade with a cold beer back at the pousada
  • Fuel up for another session with an acai bowl
  • Kite until sunset for that golden hour session
  • Relax with a post-session caipirinha and share kite talk with other kiters at dinner

Needless to say, Brazil is where you kite your face off and learn some new tricks with your crew.

Feeling amped to get back on the water and ready to start throwing down, it makes sense that Craig would choose this spot for his first freestyle session back on the water.

Rygo and I were at the Taiba lagoon when Craig pulled up right next to us in his truck for his first session. The vibes were high when he showed up, and his teammates as well as other riders were stoked to see him. As soon as he got on the water on his unmarked white Duotone kite, his presence was known and others watched in awe. It’s interesting to watch them all ride and film each other, and now see the footage from their point of view.

It didn’t take long for Craig to fall into his groove again and start showing off those techy grabs he is so well-known for. Even after being out for 10 months, the guy still knows how to ride with style.

Tom Court and Craig sharing the stoke. Kiting is always more fun with friends.

Just remember: the lagoons are small and sometimes crowded, so you have to be aware of your surroundings and be mindful of others. Otherwise your session may end up like this! Even if it does, laugh it off and grab a beer because you’re in Brazil!

Kristen Cooper

MACkite team rider, social media manager, and fitness junky. Kristen is an avid kiteboarder, cable boarder, and outdoor enthusiast. She’s the kind of person who would prefer to spend her days outside on the water and her nights in front of a campfire with her dog. No stranger to living an active outdoor lifestyle, you’re just as likely to find her pushing heavy weights in the squat rack as you would find her taking photos or videos for our team. Her mission is to travel as much as possible, spread joy and positivity with everyone, and to just get outside 

20th Jan 2020 Kristen Cooper

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