Moses Comet 111 RR 637/420 Foil

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  • Moses Comet RR 637/420 hydrofoil
  • Moses Comet RR 637/420 foil
  • Moses Comet RR 637/420 foil
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Moses Comet 111 RR 637/420 foil

For those with a need for speed and some previous experience, the Moses Comet 111 is an absolute face-melter. One of the fastest production foils on the market, capable of speeds up to twice as fast as most foils (42 mph), this Comet is not for the faint-hearted. This one is meant for riding with lots of power in a straight line. When it gets below 20mph or so, it becomes very unstable and twitchy, so keep that pedal to the metal. The 111cm (43.7 inches) allows for large angle hiking (lean) to counter that extra kite power and helps it rise above waves an chop more easily. 

Moses racing machine designed with the goal to be the fastest Hydrofoil around the course. More often than not, it accomplishes that goal.  New mast design for 2019 with hickory wood core for optimal rigidity and durability.

Base plate joint 90x165mm
Mast height: 1110mm

Package includes:

- 1x MM111-18 - Mast COMET
- 1 x MFK-18 - Fuselage
- 1x MW637-18 - Front Wing 637mm
- 1x MS420-18 - Stabilizer 420mm
- 4x Bushing M6x10mm
- 2x Socket head cap Screw M6x25mm
- 3x Flat Head Screw M6x20mm
- 2x Flat Head Screw M6x16mm
- 1x Hydrofoil Bag [MA008]
- 1x Mast cover [MA009]
- 1x Front wing cover [MA016]
- 1x Stabilizer cover [MA013]


  • Light and stiff high-modulus carbon construction
  • High-aspect wingset, top out at about 36 knots
  • Race-caliber foil for experienced riders
  • Cover crazy distances and upwind angles
  • Combine with foil kite for light-wind performance


637 Front Wing

The Front Wing MW637 for the Comet hydrofoil was developed with only one purpose: racing for racers.  The COMPETITION Front Wing 637mm has the thinnest profile that we ever done.  This profile should reduce of 10% drag in comparison to the free race wing. Higher aspect ratio improves hydrodynamic efficiency, decreasing drag without lose lift.  The top speed of the Comet Hydrofoil is improved; the upwind performance are impressive.  Strength and stiffness of the wings are reached with High Modulus Carbon fiber.

420 Rear Wing

The Stabilizer 420mm for Comet is designed to give the perfect pitch and yaw stability to the hydrofoil with the MW637 Front Wing.  The hydrodynamic efficiency is at high levels thanks to an airfoil specifically studied and designed for hydrofoil purpose.  The high modulus carbon fiber construction gives to those wings great rigidity and great strength.


Integrated Mast and Pedestal

One unit, stronger and more hydrodynamic.

High Modulus Carbon Construction

Lightest, most flexible and durable inserts in the industry

111 cm Mast

Helps prevent foil breaching when angled over at extremes and cruising at high speeds in rough and choppy water.   New mast design for 2019 with hickory wood core for optimal rigidity and durability.

Tech Specs

Mast Height Fuselage Length Combined Wt. Front Wing Rear Wing Base Foil Speed Range
111 cm 647 mm 7 lbs. 637 mm 420 mm Pedestal 7 - 25 knots
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