Moses 679 Front Wing

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Moses 679 Front Wing

If you have been waiting for a wing similar to the 633 with less lift and more speed.... The 679 is your ticket.  Perfect for those lighter riders looking for a similar experience or heavier riders with more kite power than the 633 Onda.

What Moses says....

A wave wing capable of radical turns and great acceleration abilities but that still holds 25 knots of speed. With its 990 cm2 keeps foiling mode at a very low speed and makes this wing ideal to surf any wave from knee to head high. 

This wing requires the 710 Surf Fuselage, 710 Surf alu fuse, 900 wind fuse, or 900 wind alu fuse.  Please contact us if you need help identifying your fuselage. Recommended stabilizers are 483 or 450.

Surface 990 cm2
Root Chord 198 mm
Span 679 mm
Aspect Ratio 4,6





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