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Master the Blaster Intro 2 Wing Package

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  • Intro 2 Wing Package
  • Master the Blaster Intro 2 Wing Package
  • Master the Blaster Intro 2 Wing Package
  • Master the Blaster Intro 2 Wing Package
  • Master the Blaster Intro 2 Wing Package
  • Master the Blaster Intro 2 Wing Package
  • Master the Blaster Intro 2 Wing Package
  • Master the Blaster Intro 2 Wing Package
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"Master the Blaster" Intro 2 Wing Package


  • Slingshot Tracker 7' or Crossbreed 11'
  • SUP Winder
  • Blaster Wing
  • & Paddle, Rear Fin, Pump with adapters for both SUP and wing inflation, Patch Kit, Carry Backpack

This package is the perfect way to get started with the super awesome sport of wing surfing!. Choose between the Slingshot Tracker 7' or Crossbreed 11' inflatable SUP. For lighter riders we recommend the 7'. Riders 150 pounds or greater will benefit for the extra size of the Crossbreed. Slap on your SUP Winder, pump up your wing, and you're ready to start having the team of your life. Oh, and both can be paddled as stand-alone SUPs! 

Choose Your Board

Slingshot Tracker 7' Airtech Package w/ sUPWINDerSlingshot Tracker 7' Airtech Package w/ sUPWINDer

Package Includes:

  • Tracker 7' inflatable board
  • Paddle, Rear Fin
  • sUP WINDer Keel Fin
  • Pump with adapters for both SUP inflation and wing inflation
  • Patch Kit
  • Carry Backpack

Staying upwind is of utmost importance when learning to wing and windsurf. The Tracker inflatable board has a unique rear fin configuration that includes the sUP WINDer center keel fin. This combo keeps the board on track making it easier to stay upwind for beginners. Its lightweight nature and compact size will progress new wingers to easily riding upwind and gaining a confidence level of being completely self-sufficient wind sports enthusiasts. The center carry handle and backpack lets you transport the Tracker, pump, and everything else conveniently anywhere. There are even tail and nose D-rings so that you can keep the board close at hand by attaching a leash or a tow rope.

Length (ft) 7' Width (in) 31.5" Thickness (in) 6" Volume (L) 220

Slingshot Crossbreed 11' Airtech Package w/ sUPWINDer

Slingshot Crossbreed 11' Airtech PackageIncludes: 3 Piece Adjustable Airtech Paddle, sUPWINDer, 11'0" Crossbreed Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board, 9" FCS2 Quick Release Toolless Fin, Dual Action Speed Pump with Pressure Gauge, Heavy Duty Backpack, Bow and Stern Storage Deck Bungees, D-Ring on Tail of the board for Leash, D-Ring on Bow of the board for Mooring, Repair Kit

The Crossbreed 11' Inflatable has been a family favorite SUP for years, and now water-people of all generations are looking to crossover from paddling to winging. The addition of the sUPWINDer keel fin allows the whole crew to try their hand at the new sport of wing-surfing, learning the basics of wing control and staying upwind. The removable sUPWINDer keel fin combined with the normal tail fin allows you to stay upwind while using a Slingwing to proper yourself across the water. The keel fin can be removed for higher efficiency paddling, or left in place for paddlers who desire better straight-line tracking.

Step into the new and exciting sport of wing-surfing gathering the basics of upwind and downwind sailing on a soft, stable platform before taking the next step to a dedicated foil board. The Convenient backpack holds everything you need for an easy escape into the wild. Lightweight, durable, portable, super safe and it feels like a hardboard when fully inflated.

Anyone looking for a sturdy and straightforward all-around board that will hold up for years to come, this is it. Wide waist, tapered tail and gently-rockered nose, the Crossbreed is highly versatile shape ideal for all aspects of paddling, from touring and casual open water to mild rivers and small surf.

Length (ft) 11' Width (in) 34" Thickness (in) 6" Volume (L) 331

2022 Slingshot Blaster V1 Wing

Size: 4.4m

2022 Slingshot Blaster V1 WingPackage Includes

  • Wing, Backpack
  • Pump
  • Wrist leash
  • Patch kit

The Blaster V1 at 4.4 square meters in size is perfect for all rider weights and covers the largest range of wind conditions. Riders of all sizes will enjoy the Blaster's compact design that makes turns and transitions effortless. Use the included pump for quick inflation and off you go, using the 3 perfectly placed handles to power the wing. The clear vinyl windows allow you to see through the wing providing a clear field of view downwind. Jump into the exciting new sport of winging with the Slingshot Blaster.


We wanted an affordable wing that would propel the masses into the exciting new sport of wingsurfing. The 4.4m2 size with its compact wingspan is the perfect entry-level wing for use on water, land, or snow.


  • Perfect for learning the basics of wing-powered riding on all terrain types.
  • Quickly inflate the wing with the included pump and off you go.
  • Blaster Wing, pump, and wrist leash all fit in one compact carry bag

2022 Slingshot Blaster V1 WingTECH FEATURES

1. Blaster 4.4m2 Wing
The new Blaster wing from Slingshot brings handheld wing power to the masses with its simple, user-friendly design at an unbeatable price.

2. Carry Bag
Wing and Pump fit in the convenient carry bag.

3. Wrist Leash
Keep your wing tethered to your wrist with the included leash.

4. Pump
Quickly inflate your Blaster wing to the correct PSI with this pressure gauge equipped pump

5. Transfer Handle
Its Cross-Strut configuration makes use of the simple ergonomic orientation for smooth transfers between luffing and powered riding

 2022 Slingshot Blaster V1 Wing

 2022 Slingshot Blaster V1 Wing

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