Marc Hoeksema Rider Bio

Marc "Winder" Hoeksema


Weight - 180lbs

Riding Style - Whatever, but I dig waves

Instructor - Only for friends and family

Dream Quiver:

  • Cabrinha Everything
  • surfboards, whatever happens to find its way to the van

Favorite spot to ride - So many spots, so little time

Favorite Quote - Don’t worry it’ll get windy

Hopes for future - Be kind to others, pay the mortgage

"An Intimate Look"

  1. Slicks or waves? WAVES!!!
  2. Boots or straps? Straps
  3. Towel trick or car change? I got a van man…
  4. Hug or Hi five? Depends if skinny brother Johnson is involved.
  5. Quad or Thruster? Some people say I have a singlefin mentality