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JP Australia / Neil Pryde Foil Surfboard package

Package comes complete with:

  • JP Australia Prone Foil Surfboard - Choice of 5'x21"x3.1" or 6'x22"x3.1"
  • Neil Pryde Glide Surf Hydrofoil - Choice of S, M, or L

2019 JP Australia Foil Prone Surfboard

The JP Prone Foil boards are the next evolution for those looking to progress their foil surfing to a smaller, more maneuverable board and for anyone coming from a surfing background starting to foil. Although normal surfboard shapes can work, these boards are designed specifically towards foiling, allowing you to get the highest performance possible.

By creating a smaller compact shape, these boards still offer appropriate volume and length for easy paddling and smooth take-off. As a result, you will catch waves earlier than ever before. The flat deck allows for great control and the chimed rails help minimize water contact in tight turns. Compared to a SUP foil board, the Prone Foil shapes have less volume providing a unique lively feel. Pumping is much easier due to their shorter length and lighter weight. The narrow outline of the Prone Foil boards means you can carve tighter in turns and get lower to the water before touching it causing you to slow down.

The 6’0” shape has plenty of volume for catching your first waves and standing up onto the foil with good stability. This is the board of choice for beginner foil surfers coming from SUP or from surfing intermediate level surfboards.

The 5’0” shape is a great size for experienced surfers who are used to riding smaller and more advanced surfboards. The foiling performance is amazing as long as you are comfortable with the take-off.

The boards come in a Custom Surf Epoxy technology with a carbon stringer on deck and a carbon reinforcement covering the US boxes.

With these boards, foil surfing gives you the ability to escape the crowds and have fun in conditions you never thought possible on a normal surf board.



CSE 152
39 7.8
CSE 182
49 7.8

2019 Neil Pryde Glide Surf Foil Set

We had high hopes for this foil and NP delivered.  New to the market for 2019, the Neil Pryde Glide Surf foil is an excellent design which provides a generous blend of value, versatility, performance, and durability.  It's wing design is simple, yet effective which provides a stable platform with excellent lift for its size.  At under 10 pounds, the Glide foil has an excellent weight to size ratio, brilliant design, and a plethora of affordable wing options to hone your foil to whatever condition you may encounter.  With the ability to shim the stabilizer (rear) wing, each wing also has it's own micro adjustment to meet any rider's needs. The Foil comes packed in a nice foam cutout that can be re-used for protection as well as shipping or travel time and time again.  The additional mast sizes make this foil adaptable to more experienced riders as well as kiteboarders, wakefoilers, and windsurfers. The Torx bolts with single tool operation for the entire foil brings ease of use and longevity to the assembly process and is a welcome touch of quality to an already excellent system. 

Foil Friday Video with Tucker


Tucker's Technical Overview

We have a new foil offering here at the shop that is getting everyone pretty excited.  The Neil Pryde Glide Surf foil brings a lot to the plate for riders looking for a foil on a budget with excellent performance and room to grow.  Thoughtfully designed, the Glide foil also provides some unique benefits that enhance the user experience, durability, and rigidity of the system.

The Glide has an aluminum top plate, mast, and fuselage with Carbon wings which provide an excellent balance of weight and durability.  Although it is a touch heavier than some full carbon offerings, it is a couple pounds lighter than average for alloy foils. Additionally, the Alloy parts are more durable, modular, and affordable to replace.  So, anyone can build a legitimate foil quiver for any conditions.  

The Neil Pryde Glide Surf provides three easy to choose sizes that meet the needs of most foilers.  As I had said before, if you require more range, additional wings are available to build your ultimate quiver.  The Small size complete foil comes complete with the Small rear wing.  At a thick 1032 cmsq, this wing is most similar to the Naish Surf M, Gofoil Kai, Moses 633, and Cloud IX S24 in terms of performance and lift. Perfect for smaller riders, large waves, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and wakefoiling. The Medium also comes with the Small rear stabilizer wing.  A chunky 1226 cmsq provide similar lift and performance to the Lift 200 glide, Moses 633, Gofoil Iwa, and Naish Surf L. Perfect for average-sized riders, average size waves, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and wakefoiling. The Large comes complete with a Small and Large rear wing. It’s ample 1612 cmsq provide similar benefits as the Gofoil Maliko 200, Delta Mega surf, Naish Thrust Surf XL, Cloud IX P27, and Slingshot Infinity 76 wings. Perfect for larger riders, small waves, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and wakefoiling.

Aside from Neil Pryde getting some great, effect sizes, they also managed to come to market with a host of unique design features that will benefit your ride.

The first design feature in this foil is the two-deep vertical tube connections. This interior mast connection allows for a sleek connection of the board to the mast that provides a strong, rigid, and user-friendly connection to ensure top performance.  This also allows multiple board connection styles in a snap. The Glide Surf complete comes with 60cm mast and plate mount, while the windsurf model comes equipped with a 70cm mast and powerbox connection. In addition to these board connections, the mast can also be set up with a surf box or deep Tuttle to meet your needs.

To further your options and increase versatility across sports as well as conditions, 60cm, 70cm, and 80cm mast options adapt to whatever situation you may encounter.  The Surf foil comes standard with the 60cm mast for beginner/intermediate performance on small to medium waves. The Windsurf model comes with the 70cm model for a bit more wing surface forgiveness and may also be a popular choice for surfers and kiteboarders riding in deeper water or on large waves.  The 80cm mast is reserved for kiteboarding and experienced windsurfers.

Some additional design benefits that the Glide foil has are Torx hardware and a rubber plate dampening pad.  The Torx hardware maximizes tool simplicity and longevity with a one tool operation and best in class screw grip.  The Rubber dampening pad removes some minor vibrations as well as locks the pedestal to track mount in place and protects the board from minor rub marks while in use.

Still one more design feature is the ability to shim, or fine tune your rear wing pitch.  With the simple placement of a washer on the front or rear screw of the rear stabilizer wing, you can fine-tune the lift and efficiency of your foil.  A larger angle of attack (washer under trailing edge of stabilizer) will increase the feeling of lift and provide a more aggressive “lifty” feeling which can be ideal for heavy riders and smaller waves.  A flatter angle of attack (washer under leading edge of stabilizer) will result in a more mellow lift with higher top speed due to the reduced drag. This is ideal for riding with more power or speed so larger waves and lighter weight riders may prefer this method.  For most riders, no washer shim is required at all for maximum performance, but it is nice to have that option to fine tune the performance to maximize your range.

So, who is this foil for?  Really, with the correct wing choice, a lot of people will be super happy.  Surfers, paddleboarders, windsurfers, wakefoilers, and kiteboarders will find common ground in this great foil. Especially if they are searching for an amazing “bang for your buck” kind of deal. The Neil Pryde Glide Surf and Windsurf Foils provide excellent value and versatility to help you build your skills.

Who is this not for?  This setup is not designed for record-breaking speed.  Low-speed lift and stability for riding waves or lightly powered by a sail are the name of the game here. So, if you are looking to win a course race, you may want to look elsewhere.

What Neil Pryde has to say about the Neil Pryde Glide Surf Foil Set

The Glide Surf creates a playground for building new surfing sensations. With a stable and fast take off no matter the surf conditions.

On the wave, easy turns and stable, controllable flight allow you to fly across sections and progress from straight riding to progressive foil-turns. Your imagination is now the only limitation to how you will use the waves and how far you will fly. Superior gliding and controlled speed to ride waves as far as they can flow.

Pump from one wave to the next - see how long you can fly!

Neil Pryde's Glide Surf foil comes in 3 different complete setups: Large, Medium and Small. In addition, GLIDE SURF Large foil is delivered with 2 Tail wings: Large & Small.

Suitable for strapless windfoiling SUP with a mast foot rig connector. Offers playful sessions to begin windfoiling, cruise around and catch some surf. Using the same foil SUP stance. Allows for the use of extremely small sail sizes and barely hooking into the harness.

Our innovative Top Plate base system integrated in the Aluminium mast and perfectly blended fuselage offers the best connection for your surf and SUP boards. Plug and Play.


  • Mast: 60cm (70cm and 80cm available seperatly)
  • Front wing span, Small: 64cm
  • Tail wing span, Large: 51cm
  • Tail wing span, Small: 40cm
  • Base: Top Plate
  • Construction: Aluminum / Pre-preg carbon layout with inner foam


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