Light Wind Turbine Kiteboarding Package

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Light Wind Turbine Kiteboarding Package

This package comes 100% complete, including:

  • Kite, bar & lines, pump, & safety leash
  • Board, fins, foot straps & pads
  • Optional Harness
  • Optional flotation vest 

The Light Wind Turbine Kiteboarding Package features the 2017 Slingshot Turbine in either the 13, 15, or 17 meter size. This package is perfect for larger riders or those looking to maximize those marginal days. 

2017 Slingshot Turbine Kite

Staying true to its nature, the Turbine is back for those lightwind days where you really need some low-end power to keep you going. This kite has been one of the most popular big kites on the market for years for a reason - even though it’s capable of generating lots and lots of power in lighter wind, it maintains an impressive turning speed and responsiveness. Designed to be highly efficient, the Turbine is capable of catching the smallest of breezes and turning it into a stellar session. The 13 and 15m Turbines are catered towards smaller riders and foil/surfboard users, while the 17m is aimed at slightly bigger riders or those inclined to ride twintips.

Kiteboard Options

2018 Slingshot Glide Kiteboard2018 Slingshot Glide Kiteboard

With 149cm and 159cm options, the Glide is a dedicated light wind board that gives you the light wind range of a surfboard with the freeride performance of a twin tip. It's a problem solver for anyone who has ever slogged around on a twin tip hoping the wind would pick up. Beginners love the Glide because it planes early and helps them stay up wind; experienced riders love it because it handles more like a twin tip than a barn door, which many light wind boards have been compared to.

Sizes: 149 x 41cm, 159 x 40cm


2019 Liquid Force Overdrive Kiteboard2019 Liquid Force Overdrive Kiteboard

The Liquid Force Overdrive kiteboard swaps light wind days from frustrating, discouraging sessions to some of your favorite kiting days of the year. Able to plane quickly for a more efficient boardstart and wide enough to maintain a solid presence on top of the water, this is a session-saver to beat the band. Added stiffness from last year's models ensures solid pop and a smooth ride.

Sizes: 142 x 45cm, 148 x 45.5cm


Harness Options


2018 Dakine Chameleon HarnessDakine Chameleon Harness

Dakine's 2018 Chameleon harness can be considered one of the most beginner-friendly, budget-friendly harnesses on the market. This seat/waist combination allows riders to enjoy the stability of a seat harness in their first few rides and then experience the flexibility of a waist harness. 

Harness Size Inches Centimeters
X-Small 28-30" 71-76cm
Small 20-32" 76-81cm
Medium 32-34" 81-86cm
Large 34-36" 86-91cm
X-Large 36-38" 91-96cm



2019 Ion Riot 6 Harness

Delivering outstanding performance, the RIOT 6 represents the perfect match for experienced riders. The refined lower outline offers more freedom of movement than ever before and the super smooth Hyperfoam make this harness the ultimate wave shredding companion. The RIOT (flex index 6)* is one of the softer harnesses of our range.

Harness Size Inches Centimeters
X-Small 25-29" 63.5-73cm
Small 28-31" 71-78cm
Medium 30-33" 76-83.5cm
Large 32-35" 81-89cm
X-Large 34-37" 86-94cm


Flotation Vest

2019 Liquid Force Supreme Vest

2019 Liquid Force Supreme Vest

The Liquid Force Supreme Vest features a moderate foam filling for extra flotation and impact protection. Fully reversible, you're able to wear this vest in a chic black or blue.

Harness Size Inches Centimeters
Small 35-38" 88-96cm
Medium 37-40" 93-101cm
Large 39-42" 99-106cm
X-Large 41-44" 104-111cm


Select your kite size, kiteboard, harness, and remember to indicate what color you want in the colors below. Made all of your choices? Good - it looks like you're just about ready to hit the water. Congratulations on your new gear, and welcome to the sport. We can almost guarantee it is going to change your life.

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    Good quality equipment, easy to

    Posted by Jose R. on 17th Jul 2017

    Good quality equipment, easy to assemble.

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