Lift Foils Classic Wing 200 Glide

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  • 2019 Lift Foils Classic Wing 200 Glide
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Lift Foils Classic Wing 200 Glide

A one-piece modular wing designed to fit all Lift Struts, the Classic Wing 200 Glide is a lightweight, high-performance carbon fiber wing engineered specifically to maximize lift and stability at lower speeds. The Classic 200 Glide includes a custom Lift wing bag, Lift sticker, 1 hex tool, and 2 screws. 

What Lift has to say about the Classic Wing 200 Glide

We are very proud to introduce our new one-piece wing designs that offer superior strength and performance. The wing serves as a critical component in the stability of the foil at any speed. At Lift, we offer five variants of wings for our eFoils and classic foils. Each lightweight wing is specifically engineered, made of high-performance carbon fiber, and is a modular one-piece designed to fit all Lift Foils Struts. 

Our 200 wing maximizes lift and stability at lower speeds, making this wing much more forgiving and ideal for connecting waves or pumping back out.

eFoil   Slow it down, lock it in, get comfortable and ride the motion of the ocean. This wing is a Cadillac and with its large platform, it’s as easy to ride as walking down the sidewalk. For those that love to surf, try throttling way back in an ocean roller and see if you can resist smiling.

Surf   Ask and you shall receive! The foil surf culture is exploding and surfers are looking for something that will carry them into the sport and allow them to ride anything and everything. Foiling is an investment and the 200 wing is a classic surf design that will never get old. It paddles easily, carves some big old turns and has plenty of Lift at lower speeds, allowing the rider to catch the small waves and pump back out for multiple rides in one. This wing is the result from years of iteration and is designed to welcome people into the sport with elegance.

Wake   Looking to get into foiling on wake? Look no further. Larger wings foil at lower speeds and offer more platform to stand on = greater stability. This wing can almost foil by itself so it will allow the rider to discover the different waves created by the boat. Ride the first wake, or ride the second wake or maybe ride the third. Anything is possible on this wing and we guarantee it as an excellent choice to provide the amazing feeling of hydrofoil surfing.

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