Lift Foils 250 HA Front Wing

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  • Lift Foils 250 High Aspect Front Wing
  • Lift Foils 250 High Aspect Series

Expected release date is 15th Jun 2020

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Lift Foils 250 High Aspect Front Wing

Front wing only. To complete the wing-set, you'll need to add a rear wing. To complete the foil, you'll need a mast and rear wing.

Wing Foiling - Our favorite wing foiling wing in the Lift lineup. Great low speed lift while maintaining a huge speed range and upwind abilities.  The turning ability is stable and predictable but still capable of shredding.  Well matched to the medium to large size wing boards.

Surf -Our “Big Mama.” Offers superior lift and stability at lower speeds. Great for riding in smaller waves, stand-up paddle boarding, and downwind riding. The High Aspect series design gives a larger speed range, primarily higher top speeds along with massive pumping performance with minimal effort.

 EFoil - A slam dunk option for the eFoil with a larger, more stable design that can turn any new rider into a pro. Also a great option for advanced riders using a folding propeller and gliding into open swells.

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