Learn 2 Ride NV Kiteboarding Package

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  • Learn 2 Ride NV Kiteboarding Package
  • Liquid Force NV V9 School Kite
  • Liquid Force Solo V3 - 17.5m
  • Slingshot Sentinel Control Bar (Included with Package)
  • 2019 Liquid Force Edge 136 (Included with package)
  • 2019 Liquid Force Edge 146 (Included with package)
  • Liquid Force Drive - Colors based on size (Optional kiteboard upgrade)
  • Ion Riot 6 Harness - Black (Optional Harness)
  • Dakine Chameleon Harness  (Optional Harness)
  • Ride Engine Vest S-L, Mystic Vest for XL  (Optional Vest)
  • WMFG Regular Pump (included with package)
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Learn to Ride Kiteboarding Package

This package comes 100% complete, including:

  • Kite
  • Bar, lines, safety leash
  • Pump
  • Board, fins, foot straps & pads
  • Optional harness
  • Optional flotation vest 

The aim of the Learn 2 Ride package is to provide everything you need to get out on the water and ride, with the gear being beginner friendly and affordable. With this latest pairing, we have added the Liquid Force NV v9 School Edition kite. Over the years, Liquid Force has refined the NV kite to deliver a stable, fast, easy-to-use kite that will appeal to beginner and intermediate kiteboarders alike.

We crafted this package to not only give the new kiter the tools for success, but gear that will allow them to continue to progress well after that first year. Even better, if you want the best deal in the kiteboarding industry, you won’t find a better price, especially for the quality of the gear.

Liquid Force NV v9 School Edition Kite

The School Edition is exactly the same as the non school edition except these kites are built with a lighter ripstop fabric and with a solid color instead of the multi color standard NV. The bag is also a single color bag, but is the same bag that the non school NV comes with. If you are looking for a fantastic kite at a fraction of the cost, this is the kite to get. 

There's no need to stress - we are so confident in the materials and construction of the NV V9 School Edition that Liquid Force offers the same warranty and service on this kite that Liquid Force is known for industry-wide on all their kites. 


  • MaxFlow, the industry's easiest the use single point inflation system to get your lessons on the water faster and to make your pack down easier.
  • Tapered tip design that prevents accidental bridle wraps
  • Bombproof English seam and layered foam construction to ensure lasting performance, session after session. 
  • Rapid Relaunch
  • Tension trailing edge that reduces flutter, created efficiency, and increases trailing edge strength. 
  • Rear line bridle adjustment to tune to your needs. 

Kiteboard Options

2019 Liquid Force Edge kiteboard

Liquid Force Edge Kiteboard

The Liquid Force Edge kiteboard is the easiest way to get started riding. Whether getting up for your first time or performing your first jump, the Edge kiteboard is sure to help you. With a bottom designed for easily cutting through the chop and almost effortless upwind cruising, the Liquid Force Edge allows you to progress every session. With medium rocker and stiff flex, this kiteboard will transition you from beginner to intermediate rider in no time.

Sizes: 136 x 42.5cm, 146 x 45cm


Liquid Force Drive Kiteboard

Liquid Force Drive Kiteboard

The focus of the Drive is rapid progression for new riders, as quickly as possible. With a simple concave bottom, the Drive gets new riders into the sport at the right price. Whether it's day 1 or day 100, the Drive will always be there to help you push your limits.

Sizes: 134 x 39.5cm, 137 x 40.5cm, 140 x 41.5cm, 143 x 42cm

134 x 39.5 - Recommended Rider Weight 50 – 65kg / 110 – 143 lbs
137 x 40.5 - Recommended Rider Weight 60 – 80kg / 132 – 176 lbs
140 x 41.5 - Recommended Rider Weight 65 – 85 kg / 145 – 185 lb
143 x 402 - Recommended Rider Weight Greater than 75kg /  165 lb

Harness Options


2018 Dakine Chameleon HarnessDakine Chameleon Harness

Dakine's 2018 Chameleon harness can be considered one of the most beginner-friendly, budget-friendly harnesses on the market. This seat/waist combination allows riders to enjoy the stability of a seat harness in their first few rides and then experience the flexibility of a waist harness. 

Harness Size Inches Centimeters
X-Small 28-30" 71-76cm
Small 20-32" 76-81cm
Medium 32-34" 81-86cm
Large 34-36" 86-91cm
X-Large 36-38" 91-96cm



2019 Ion Riot 6 Harness

Delivering outstanding performance, the RIOT 6 represents the perfect match for experienced riders. The refined lower outline offers more freedom of movement than ever before and the super smooth Hyperfoam make this harness the ultimate wave shredding companion. The RIOT (flex index 6)* is one of the softer harnesses of our range.

Harness Size Inches Centimeters
X-Small 25-29" 63.5-73cm
Small 28-31" 71-78cm
Medium 30-33" 76-83.5cm
Large 32-35" 81-89cm
X-Large 34-37" 86-94cm


Flotation Vest

Ride Engine Empax Impact Flotation Vest2019 Ride Engine Empax Vest

The Empax Vest is designed to integrate comfortably with your harness to provide buoyancy and impact protection without inhibiting range of motion or harness function. The paneling and no-slip Wind Skin waist help lock your harness in place and prevent it from riding up. The vest features a strategic layout of 20mm foam panels that provide flotation and impact protection in critical areas, with a feel that lets you forget you’re even wearing it.

Harness Size Inches Centimeters
Small 35-37" 89-94cm
Medium 37-39" 94-99cm
Large 39-41" 99-104cm
X-Large 41-43" 104-109cm


Select your kite size, kiteboard, harness, and remember to indicate what color you want in the colors below. Made all of your choices? Good - it looks like you're just about ready to hit the water. Congratulations on your new gear, and welcome to the sport. We can almost guarantee it is going to change your life.

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35 Reviews

  • 5
    NV Beginner Package

    Posted by Don on 9th Aug 2020

    I bought the package in 2017 but still haven't used it much (we have 4 kids). I really like it though. Kite is beautiful in the air and the board is great. For the price it is a great deal. In hindsight, I probably should have bought the upgraded beginner kit, but what I've got is great. The service was fantastic. They shipped the wrong size lifevest and Jake just sent me another one with no hesitation within a week. Amazing service. They are my first stop when shopping for future kite equipment.

  • 4
    L2R LFK NV Package

    Posted by Zach on 14th Apr 2020

    I'm a newbie but learning quickly-riding up wind, powered jumps and trying back rolls. I've been out half a dozen times and am fairly satisfied with all of the gear. The 2017 NV 12m feels responsive and is pretty easy to relaunch. I feel very comfortable with the ease of the safety system. I won't say much more than that bc I'm still learning to properly tune the kite. The mission control bar is super clean and comfortable. The chicken loop has come unhooked 3 times though, I think as a byproduct of the rotating donkey dick. Best guess is that when I'm crouched in the water during a relaunch, the donkey dick is pushed out of the loop when it makes contact with my waist. The Ion riot harness is fine although it does ride up often. The other day the inner velcro strap came undone which was a pain to fix on the water. The WMFG pump works as expected-fully pumped in under 30 secs. The LF Drive 143 feels great under my feet. I'm 5'7' and the narrowest stance felt very wide initially but after riding it, it feels comfortable. The LF Phase straps are good starter pads but will upgrade eventually to more stable feeling pads.

  • 5
    15.5 meter solo liquid force kite

    Posted by Mark rizzo on 9th Mar 2020

    really nice kite. the single strut makes it light and its a great kite for a less advanced kiter in lighter air. Im sure its great for more advanced as well. I especially like the really big difference between fully powered and depowered. that made it really easy to use in a wide range of winds. the depower takes almost all the power away if the wind blows up while your out there. Yet fully powered provides plenty in light air.

  • 5
    So good

    Posted by juan l. on 28th Jul 2018

    Hey guys it's juan here from Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba haha I really like the package I got from you guys the colours of the kite are dead on exactly what I wanted the harness is sikkk feels super good, haven't got on the board yet but we are getting some winds soon and I can't wait. I thought I had clicked off the safety vest but it's ok I will just have to get it here in Canada

  • 5
    Good quality and nice package!

    Posted by Chuck on 31st May 2018

    So far I really like the Liquid Force equipment even though I have only used it once. I took a lesson with the new equipment and the instructor thought it was good quality equipment too. Hopefully I will be able to get up and going this Summer on my Liquid Force stuff...

  • 5

    Posted by Mariel G. on 6th Feb 2018

    Excelente servicio de shipping y calidad del producto, muy bien el embalaje, todo llego en perfectas condiciones y el di­a pactado. Muchas gracias

  • 5
    Liquid Force Envy

    Posted by Michael J. on 8th Oct 2017

    Order processed and shipped quickly and as it was advertised at a price point below other competitors, have had two sessions with this kite and love this package.

  • 4
    missing pump

    Posted by Michael S. on 19th Aug 2017

    hello I love the kite just a few question with my package you lost first kite the mailed me another one over night i received kite bar vest harness and board but it never came with the pump it says the package comes with one I don't k ow if it was lost with first package or what but other then that I love it and would like to buy another kite that is a 3 or 4 m trainer for my son thanks for the package it's nice p.s if you find my missing pump would like to have it I went to sucks sporting goods and bought a pump with Gage for 70.00 bucks so I would like to return that thanks for everything again and if you have a good deal on trainer kite package with bar would be great thanks

  • 5

    Posted by Anne Z. on 3rd Aug 2017

    These guys have been nothing but helpful from day 1. I wouldn't want to get my kite gear anywhere else. They are quick to respond to any problems and go way out of their way to make their customers happy. This place is EPIC. Thanks to the whole team!

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