Landboards and Buggies

Landboards and Buggies

Buggying with a power foil kiteKite buggying and landboarding are adrenaline sports that will get you buzzing. Kite buggy racers have hit speeds of over 60mph and ride on anything from hard packed beaches to dry lake beds to local mall parking lots. Landboarding, also known as KGB (kite ground boarding) can also be used for cruising fast or moving into big air mode. Top riders are boosting 20 feet off the ground and throwing handle passes.

If you are looking to ride with wind when ever you want these to sports will allow you to always be riding. Landboarding is for the more aggressive type of person who wants to really ride hard. Or for the new kiteboarder who wants to spend some time practicing in lighter wind conditions or cold weather.

Kite buggy is a great sport for the land locked sailor or speed freak out there. Buggies are fairly easy to learn to ride, but are only as mellow as you want them to be. Try riding at 40mph backwards down a dry lake bed.  

We carry Peter Lynn buggies since they are the finest out there. Our landboard selection has been growing each year so check out the new boards that are always rolling in.

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