Kites Recommended for Beginners

Kites Recommended for Beginners

The Cabrinha Switchblade, one of the best kites for beginners!When learning to kiteboard, a beginner friendly kite can make a vast difference to your early success. As someone new to the sport, you should look for a kite of appropriate size (see below) that has a reliable safety release, a good amount of on-demand depower, easy relaunch, a wide wind range, and stability. The followings kites match those criteria. 

What is your correct kite size?
Wind 12-18 mph   Wind 16-24 mph   Wind 22-30 mph
Rider Weight Kite Size   Rider Weight Kite Size   Rider Weight Kite Size
200+ lbs 17m+   200+ lbs 17m+   200+ lbs 12m
200 lbs 17m   200 lbs 14m   200 lbs 9-10m
180 lbs 14-17m   180 lbs 12m   180 lbs 8-9m
160 lbs 14m   160 lbs 10-12m   160 lbs 7-8m
140 lbs 12m   140 lbs 8-9m   140 lbs 6m
120 lbs 10m   120 lbs 6m   120 lbs 4m
Chart based on average rider, on a standard twintip kiteboard
  • Flysurfer PEAK5 Foil Kite - 2.5m Flysurfer PEAK5 Foil Kite - 4m

    Flysurfer PEAK5 Foil Kite


    $559.00 - $1,059.00
    Flysurfer PEAK5 Foil Kite Sizes: 2.5 (Pink) / 4 (Pink) / 5 (Yellow) / 6 (Yellow) / 8 (Provence Blue) / 11 (Provence Blue) / 13m (Ocean Green) Focus: Freeride, Touring, Progression Technology: Single-Skin Foil Kite Skills: Beginner - Expert...
    $559.00 - $1,059.00