Kiteboards by Riding Style

Kiteboards by Riding Style


With the versitility of kiteboarding in its current state many different riding styles have emerged.  The current prevailing riding styles are Beginner, Freeride, Freestyle, Wakestyle, Wave Riding, and Racing.  If you dont know exactly where you fit then check out the Whats your Riding Style Article.  Each style of riding has its own unique needs that the right board can help you with.

Beginners can be bennifited from a large flat board and are often priced to make them more affordable.

Freeride kiteboarders will appreciate a smooth riding board that offers exceptional forgivness.

Freestyle kiteboarders prefer a board that offers good pop, soft landings, and the ability to stay upwind in a contest area.

Wakestyle riders love a board with reinforced inserts, heavy rocker, deep channels, good pop, and serious durability.

Wave riding kiteboarders or kitesurfers often seek a directional surfboard type of board.  Wether strapless or with foot straps, they need to offer manoverability and durability.

Racers will find that a fast and easliy upwinding board best suits their needs.  They are most often large directional boards with large fins, low tail rocker, and footstraps.

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