Kiteboard Hydrofoil

Kiteboard Hydrofoil


Kiteboarding foils arguably have the broadest range of foil products in any sport. This could be due to the fact that it is one of the most versatile sports or that kiteboarding has one of the largest histories of successful hydrofoil riding. No matter the reason, the options available for kite foilers are staggering. Especially when you consider the recent crossover with surf designs being used for lightwind and swell riding with a kite. Our aim is to help narrow your choices so you can be successful in whatever your goals may be.

  • Long mast (30-40") to handle waves and chop
  • Short fuselage for tight turns and quick pitch adjustment
  • Full range of wing sizes to adapt for speed, conditions, and riding style. (90-210 sq in)
  • Track box is the most popular type of board connection
  • Most boards range in size from 3'6-5'
  • Most boards have the option to mount footstraps or hooks

What to Know About Kite Hydrofoils

What was once a simple decision has now become a convoluted but potentially beneficial range of options. Like eating at a cruise-ship buffet, the right choice can leave you smiling and satisfied while the wrong one leads to a feeling of sickness and regret. Here is an in-depth look at the designs and benefits of the current kiteboard hydrofoil market. Read more...

Hydrofoil wing size suggestions for surfing, wakefoil, kiteboarding, SUP, and windsurfing

 An in depth look at wing dimensions across all brands and their predominant uses.


  • 2019 Ride Engine Futura Surf Foil - Top View 2019 Ride Engine Futura Surf Foil - Front View

    2019 Ride Engine Futura Surf Foil

    Ride Engine

    2019 Ride Engine Futura Surf Foil Includes: Travel Bag The new Ride Engine Futura Surf Foil features the Manta 76 wing. With its hefty surface area of 1534 cm², the Manta 76 is a high lift, stable wing that provides early take off. Its inverted...